Synaptics falls after reporting Apple won’t use its touch-wheel tech in iPod nano

“Synaptics Inc. stock fell Thursday after a few analysts said Apple Computer Inc. won’t use Synaptics’ touch-wheel technology on its new [iPod nano] digital music player. Shares of San Jose, Calif.-based Synaptics fell 52 cents, or 2.8 percent, to $17.83 in morning trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock fell as low as $16.87… Apple shares rose $1.17, or 2.4 percent, to $49.87 on the Nasdaq,” Dow Jones/AP reports. “Analysts at Bear Stearns and America’s Growth Capital said in research reports Thursday that Synaptics confirmed the [iPod nano], which Apple unveiled Wednesday, will incorporate technology from another vendor, at an investor conference Wednesday night.”

Full article here.

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  1. The clicks on the wheel go ’round and ’round…

    It’s good news for the new supplier, bad news for Synaptics, and no news for everyone else. As long as the wheel works & comes from a credible supplier, few people will notice.

  2. Apple is failing Windoze user’s that want to download the new iTunes and QT. I tried to update my IBM PC with the latest and it crapped out now nothing Apple related works. Figured it was just me so I went to the Apple support fourm and tons of Windose people are having the same problems. And yes I am a Mac person – I have a 12″ Power Book and a 20″ iMac and love them both. I use the IBM PC for some specialized sewing software – the PC was a better deal than buying the Virtual MS software. I only connect the PC to the internet to get updates then I scan for virus, adware, malware, etc. Maybe Mr. Bill put something in to make iTunes and QT stop working. It might just be me but whenever I remove QT the PC perks up. Go figure.

  3. Why did Apple do this to a company that has been such a major contributor to the success of the iPod? It is not like the Nano’s click-wheel is any different or better than all the other click wheels; apart from minor design modifications it looks identical. Synaptics provided a reliable component to Apple and for whatever reason they have been abandoned.

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