Sony and Warner holding out on Apple iTunes Music Store Australia

“Good news for Aussies with a jones for all things Apple–they may soon be able to buy songs from the company’s popular iTunes music store. The bad news–like consumers in Japan, they may find their choices limited, as the computer maker continues to haggle with record labels over the best way to sell digital music,” Peter Kafka reports for Forbes. “Apple is working to expand iTunes and plans to open up an Australian version of its iTunes online music store Oct. 3, according to people familiar with the negotiations. But how much music the store will have for sale is an open question. Of the world’s four major music labels, only two–EMI Group and Vivendi’s Universal Music Group–have agreements to sell their music on the site so far. Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music, a joint venture between Sony and Bertelsmann, have yet to sign on with Apple, which has been rumored since last spring to have plans to launch the site.”

Kafka reports, “Those two companies are also the holdouts at Apple’s iTunes Japan site, which opened for business last month. A Warner Music executive said the company was close to signing on with Apple for the Australian launch, but couldn’t predict when a deal would get done. Industry speculation, though, is that Sony BMG will be harder to convince.”

Full article here.
These holdouts had better watch it. It’s not a good idea to piss off someone who could hold the keys to your future.

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  1. From: Stuart

    Sep 08, 05 – 02:38 pm


    Come on someone, start an online petition so we can flood Phony & Wanker, er Sony and Warner with an tidal wave of angry consumers.


  2. Let me see if I understand this correctly:
    BIG & GREEDY record companies, who stifle artist control and innovation, as well as charge nearly double (cost of old cassette tapes) for a product that costs them pennies to squirt out their production lines (music CDs), are on the one side…
    Apple & the iTMS/iPod are on the other hand, where they have sold over a half-BILLION (with a “B”) songs – which sounds like someone finally understood the business model – all for an equitable (US $.99) cost across the board…
    The record companies don’t have to squirt out those CDs – in fact, doesn’t the music file reside on a server somewhere in the bowels of Cupertino(?) – but they already squeeze Apple for 65%(?) of iTMS revenue…
    And now they want more?
    I never got in to file-swapping, but I would just as soon begin a personal boycott of their products… What I mean, is, save that ticket money for one of those crappy movies that Sony, Warner, etc. vomit onto the masses; don’t buy a certain CD if you see their fingernail marks on the jewel case; send your favorite artists an e-mail telling them how you feel about the corporate behemoth that gives them table scraps even as they try to extort more money from honest music downloaders… Whatever… Do something… The people have the power…
    I think they’re worried that Apple may gain enough critical mass with the iTMS (and, later, a Video Download Store) that artists may elect to sidestep the record companies (and, later, the TV & Film studios) and sign directly with Apple to market their wares…

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