Apple posts QuickTime of Steve Jobs’ special event announcements

1,000 Songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again. Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs deliver a special announcement from San Francisco’s Moscone West. See the video-on-demand event right here exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

More info and link to the QuickTime video (TRT = 1:04:57) here.


  1. “Rap is NOT music.”

    Pretty close to the truth … the best that can be said is that Rap resembles drum-beats due to its use of rhythm. But even the best
    Rap pales into comparison with moderately good rock, pop, jazz and
    classical music. Hard to compete with musical melody (and lyrics). I suppose one can view Rap as a minimalistic extreme … some of the best Rap seems quite good but I’m rarely in the mood for even that!

    I guess music is like painting to some extent, some of the modern abstract stuff is technically quite good and a major achievement but
    pale into comparison with more realistic paintings; I really want to
    make the point that to me the most artistry relies on a balance between realism and abstractness … but I think I’m talking off the cuff
    too much … suffering bicycle-fatigue right now … saving a few shekels off filling my car with petrol!

    I’m sure it could be related to the fact that a balance of order and disorder produces a more natural music (or painting) which we as humans are generally more in tune (!!) with … Rap has too much order
    (or sometimes disorder in terms of white noise!) to be generally enjoyable most of the time … much classical music tends to easy to listen too much of the time …

    MW is amount as in the above Spiel may not amount to much …

  2. Is anyone else having trouble with this QT stream?

    It’s complete BS…RS…all types of S.

    Completely unwatchable.

    I am always confused why Apple doesn’t give us something we can download and then run from our Macs.

    Not good enough!

  3. Yeah, what the heck is the deal with the feed. The quicktimes of the events were more watchable in the pre-H264 days. When it comes thru for a few seconds it is beautiful quality but then it freezes and pixelates out.

    Maybe the akamai server is maxxed out? I tried watching the WWDC keynote and it was the same. I don’t think the problem is at my end cuz I am on a PowerMac dual 2.7 gig unit with 100 Mbps down fiber optic connection (albeit in Japan).

    Maybe they are being too ambitious on the size/quality. I can watch the 2004 Paris Expo Stream with no problem and it seems to be in a bit smaller format:

    C’mon Apple! Get your act together on this. A lot of new potential Apple users may go to watch this and get a bad impression. It would be better to have slightly lower quality but a solid stream.

  4. Congratulations Kayne West, someone needs to tell the truth about racist Bush and his Republication arsehole friends who don’t like nasty things said about them.

    Tough shit guys, it’s a FREE WORLD and we can say what you are – a bunch of greedy, ugly, racist, disgusting human beings.

    If you want to come and talk about it, then I’m all ears.

  5. WHENEVER I harbour doubts about socialism, there’s a few tricks to re-ignite the flame. Out comes a Dennis Skinner tape or The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. Or out I head to a certain Fulham pub to hear voices so far back they precede Adam, whining about life’s big problems. Like whether to spend a gap year in Kathmandu or Klosters. But this week all I’ve had to do is watch the heartbreak in New Orleans to see the finest advert for socialism since Victorians sent infants up chimneys. Hurricane Katrina has exposed how the Third World is encouraged to fester just below the surface of the First World. How the richest nation on Earth stays rich by keeping millions of its people poorly paid, poorly educated, and badly looked after. So that when catastrophe strikes, the weakest stay mired in their own cesspit, while the well-paid, well-insured, well-educated ones get out.
    How do you end up with corpses floating past the hungry and thirsty six days after a hurricane in the USA in 2005? Simple. You vote in a right-wing, neo-con government that sees collectivism, subsidies and community projects as the devil’s work. You slash the engineering budget to build up New Orleans levees and privatise parts of the national emergency agency, to give tax cuts to the rich. You divert resources and manpower to a war in Iraq, fought on behalf of oil companies, paid for by the blood of soldiers who come from the same poor people you leave to rot in their shacks. You ignore evidence which says corporate America pollutes the planet so badly the Gulf of Mexico is two degrees hotter, making hurricanes more lethal.

    And when Katrina strikes, and the poorest have been left destitute and dying, what do those same leaders do?

    George Bush carries on playing guitar for fundraisers in California while Condoleezza Rice laughs along to Spamalot on Broadway. Then they blame everyone but themselves, set up their own inquiry into their own criminal negligence, and shamelessly hand the rebuilding contracts to their friends at Halliburton.

    THE same Republican donors given the contracts to rebuild Iraq, after their naked greed flattened that land. New Orleans happens when leaders take the cult of individualism to extremes. When voters buy into the notion that all government needs to do is pay for a police and an army to protect wealth and property, then let those who are able, fill their boots. And to hell with those who are unable. It’s a philosophy they spread across the world in land-grabs like Operation Freedom. A freedom to covet even more of the planet’s riches. As though those riches are theirs by right. Because they’ve got the muscle to steal them.

    I’m a socialist for selfish reasons. I want the world to be as peaceful, secure and happy as it can be, so mine and my kids’ lives are worth living. For that to happen, we all need to feel we have an equal right to peace, security and happiness. Because when people realise they haven’t, you get the grotesque anarchy we’re seeing in cities as far apart as New Orleans and Baghdad. Spot the link.

    God bless George Bush’s America.

  6. from Wikipedia
    “The traditional or classical European aspects of music often listed are those elements given primacy in European-influenced classical music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color/timbre, and form. A more comprehensive list is given by stating the aspects of sound: pitch, timbre, intensity, and duration. 4 These aspects combine to create secondary aspects including structure, texture and style. Other commonly included aspects include the spatial location or the movement in space of sounds, gesture, and dance. Silence is also often considered an aspect of music, if it is considered to exist.”

    it IS something, but it’s NOT music.
    Doesn’t say anything about a monotone rhythmic running of one’s mouth (usually in a profane, lowbrow way) over a monotonous rhythm track, usually produced by a machine.

  7. What is truly pathetic and morbid is when thousands of people die during a natural disaster, and all liberals and racist morons like Kanye West can do is use the tragedy as an excuse to bash a President that they don’t like.

    The real irony is that if local and state officials in LA (virtually all Democrats) had done their job, the loss of life would have been far less than it turned out to be. Gov. Blanco is the dumbass that wouldn’t give Bush the authority to send in the military sooner, yet you won’t hear Kanye and his ilk admitting to that truth because she’s a Democrat. It’s hypocritical and pathetic, but then again, it’s what we’ve come to expect from those idiots anyway.

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