Apple posts QuickTime of Steve Jobs’ special event announcements

1,000 Songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again. Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs deliver a special announcement from San Francisco’s Moscone West. See the video-on-demand event right here exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

More info and link to the QuickTime video (TRT = 1:04:57) here.


  1. Apple does it again… the impossible!

    Thanks, Steve!

    Usually, I get entertained watching the competition try to catch up, but now it is no longer a contest. In many ways I pity them. Will they ever learn to stop challenging Apple?

    I think I need some more Apple stock.

  2. On the phone product:
    It’s nice to see companies which are arguably the best in their fields working together on a product.

    And yea, sure, it only holds 100 songs, but you can bet this is because they need growth – the next model will hold 250 (or maybe 1000 even). Plus they don’t want to cannibalize sales for the iPods.

    Surely the best news is that they’re not forcing consumers to spend stupid amounts of money on getting songs into the phone, as had previously been suggested (you know $3 a song and so on.)

  3. The version I saw was censored. In particular, the lyrics to ‘Gold Digger’ have been changed a bit. Still, I give credit to Apple for not changing their mind about Kanye West performing on their show; a lot of Republicans do not like people who criticize George Bush, especially someone who does it on live television.

  4. is it just me or do those other CEOs look like douche-bags when they try and hype their products? It really makes one appreciate how good Steve is at his job.

    There can be only one.

    /surprised they let Kanye back on TV so soon
    //Apple evidently does care about black people

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