Apple Computer shares hit all-time closing high of $48.80 ahead of tomorrow’s media event

“Apple Computer Inc. rose more than 5% Tuesday to a new all-time high as investors bet the company will unveil a new iPod product this week that will help extend Apple’s dominance of the digital music market,” John Shinal reports for MarketWatch. “Apple (AAPL) shares rose $2.58 to $48.80 in trading that was almost twice the average volume. Earlier, the shares touched $48.88 in afternoon trading, a new record.”

“Apple and Motorola Inc. are widely expected to unveil a mobile phone that will include Apple’s technology for downloading songs from the Internet onto portable music players, and have scheduled a press event in San Francisco for Wednesday,” Shinal reports. “The iPod controls 75% of the market for such portable music devices, and investors are betting that the new product will help Apple protect its dominant position as cell-phone makers look to build digital music capability into their products. While Apple has sold more than 20 million iPods since the product’s introduction in 2001, consumers worldwide buy hundreds of millions of cell phones each year. If Apple can get a share of those sales, it could boost sales growth at the iconic computing company.”

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  4. To seller:
    And when prices do drop, they come back up and over all records in this post itunes world. I bought right after itunes was released at $18.19 (pre split). I’ve seen it flutter a couple times, but this is one of the very few companies out there doing anything (everything) right, not to mention they will take the OS race from microshaft next year. You cannot deny, you must buy! To those who sell- see you in hell.

  5. I want to line up every columnist and “analyst” that has ever written in the past “beleaguered Apple”, and force them to eat every one of their articles with that phrase.

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  9. nothing! If the special event tomorrow can give the “new” Apple
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  10. from a business point of view…from a meat and potatoes kind of guy…
    Apple is performing better than expected and will sell off slightly
    in early trading and then gain some ground towards the week’s end. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    CT =======]————— What a card, postcard that is

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