Apple Computer hits intraday all-time high ahead of tomorrow’s media event

Apple Computer, Inc. today hit a new all-time high of $48.35 in morning NASDAQ trading ahead of the company’s planned media event tomorrow.

AAPL currently stands at $48.12, up $1.90 or 4.11% in share volume of 8,746,656.

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  1. When I held my second generation iPod in my hand and showed my friends, I told them this thing is going to be hot.

    This was even before iTMS when iTunes was just a jukebox. I was so busy ripping and maniulating my music from cds, buying tons via mail order catalogs just to get them on my iPod.

    I wish I invested in stocks back then, because I would have been 4x wealtheir today.

    Just I didn’t have enough to play at the time with a mulit-millionaire I knew who lost everything after Sept. 11 th.

    Oh well, I didn’t gamble so I didn’t lose, only time will give experience and then I can accuratly pick future winners.

    Right now eveybody is wise to Apple, so no great leaps of stock price will occur anymore.

  2. I disagree MacDude, when the MacTels come out we should be seeing a steady increase of Apple market share because they won’t be limited on processors anymore.

    Apple is also building a lot of stores in high profile locations in anticipation of future growth.

    The get rich quick of Apple stock may be gone, but the stead y longterm clime is just about to happen.

    Invest longterm instead.

  3. I bought most of my share when they were $14 each. (later with $25)
    Then there was split that doubled the amount of shares that I have.
    I´ve earned now over $80 per share. Nice! Then again dollar is worthless and that is a little harder to count. AAPL will split soon again. Excellent!

  4. Apple’s stock will tank tomorrow when those butt-ugly MotoPods are unveiled. Sorry, just think they are very disappointing from pictures I’ve seen. The stock would dump anyway; “buy the news, sell the fact”

  5. I sold my shares for several reasons:

    1) The phones will need a lot of features to live up to analysts expectations

    2) Apple is about to go through a big transition to iNtel, could be tough, and Apple’s growth could slow down.

    3) and this is the big one – the US Economy will probably hit a major recession shortly. With rising gas prices, desposable income will be the first hit, which will directly affect the retail market. In the meantime, we’ve run a deficit of major proportions which puts pressure on our economy, which will help it to slide very quickly when it goes. Not to mention a housing market that is overinflated. The average household also has somewhere near $7,500 in credit card debt. All this, IMHO, adds up to a major recession coming soon. When that happens, all stocks will take a hit.

  6. Apple’s stock will tank tomorrow when those butt-ugly MotoPods are unveiled

    Save the attitude.. It’ll tank but not for any operational reason.. it will tank because most people will sell as this stock hits ~$49

    And if you think the iPod succeeds on it’s looks alone, you just don’t get it.

    (Hint: iTMS)

  7. [Everyone who wants to understand more about ours and the world economy should subscribe to The Economist (]

    G spank,

    Seems I’m always replying to you so I’m taking after your name, hope you don’t mind.

    Like all good free markets, the US economy is currently being subsidized, heavily. Individual Americans (you and I) are in major debt and America (Bush & Co.) is in major debt, spending like there’s not tomorrow. Nationally, every time our government issues more Bonds, central banks around the world snatch them up like hot cakes. These same banks also feed the system our home mortgages feed on. The irony is that much of this money is coming from our own trade deficit. We’re paying other people to make our stuff, then borrowing back that same money to buy more stuff with, and rarely paying down the principal in the process. Rather like eating your own muscles for food.

    In effect, cheap money is pouring in from Asia and Europe, flowing into home loans, and padding our perceived net worths in the process. Our collective incomes are stagnant (most adjusted incomes are down), but we borrow against increased equity, blanking out our credit cards and absorbing price increases, including gasoline. Money’s cheap and we deserve it.

    Bottom line: We’re living on borrowed time, but the end won’t be triggered by price of goods increases. So long as central banks of the word continue pushing down the price of money, increasing the value of our assets, we’ll have plenty of ready cash to handle all forms of inflation. Just watch out for the sucking sound at the end when our collective credit score goes down and we have actually earn what we are spending.

  8. Thanks for the insight, H. I am happy to play it safe for now. My gut feeling is that Apple is not going to grow immensely until we see how this intel switch/Vista transformation works out. Maybe they will hit this phone out of the ballpark, and I will be buying back at a small loss. I doubt it though. I believe in Apple, but for now I think my best investment is in my own mortgage payment. Especially when our economy seems especially susceptible to outside variables.

  9. The reason for the cheap Fed money that drove the real estate bubble is this.

    Way back the Fed had a period of high inflation, so a policy was enacted to slowly reduce inflation, which worked over the years. The US economy was in a reduced inflation trend for many years. But what happened just recently is we were headed for deflation, where if allowed to continue, banks would have to charge people interest to keep money in the bank.

    Cash would be king and the prices of everything would have fallen out of control. The purchasing value of cash would increase daily, instead of decrease, like under inflation.

    The Fed allowed cheap money (low interest loans) to flow to banks which in turn offered cheap loans to it’s customers to stimulate the ecomomy back into a inflationary trend.

    Customers all of a sudden had great purchasing power, they could afford a home on less money, which created the real estate boom, jobs were created in constuction and renovation, as the prices of houses went up, real estate investors (like myself) made oodles of cash buying low and selling high.

    Now that’s over, the speculation is over, prices of houses have gone up and now exceed (with a loan and low interest) what a lot of people can afford in a monthly payment.

    Now comes either the real estate deflation or bust, because salaries have not adjusted to the higher prices. Hopefully it will be a slow gradual reduction in housing prices to something more reasonable, but eventually it will happen and they will stay there for many many years.

    Next comes a increase in rental properties, rent. Because peoples salaries can’t afford a home, they need to rent and they will pay more because of the demand for rentals and property taxes go up because the value of the real estate has gone up.

    Eventually a great pressure for salary increases will come, and with it a rise in prices for everything, combined with high fuel prices and competition for natural resources from China (who’s bright idea was it to make China favored trade status?)

    The US consumes 76% of the worlds resources for our standard of living, how the heck is several billion chinese going to have the same standard of living as we do without competition for resources?

    The middle east is pumping at full capacity as it is. Where is energy going to come from?

    Construction building materials, like wood for instance, has jumped so high in price, not from the real estate boom, but from competition from China.

    People are going to bus sometimes up to two hours every morning and night just to go to work.

    These people are going to want to zone out to make their commute better. A device like a iPod, noise cancellation headphones and content like audiobooks, music and podcasts comes into play big time.

    I know I take those things on a plane and it makes a world of difference in the stress level of flying.

    What Apple needs to do is make iPods and iTunes available for people who don’t have a computer.

  10. Apple needs to create a combined iPod/DSL/iTunes device with a larger touch screen and a stylus.

    Hook it to any phone line and download/pay for what content you need.

    No computer needed. It will sell billions.

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