RUMOR: Motorola Apple iTunes phones to offer 256, 512MB storage, ability to buy music via networks

Apple’s media event, scheduled for September 7, “will instead be devoted almost exclusively to the new iTunes-enabled Motorola phone and the company’s partnership with Cingular,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “The new phone will reportedly be available in two capacities, 256MB and 512MB, capable of storing about 70 and 140 songs, respectively. Users will not only be able to plug the phone into their computer to tap their iTunes Music Library for tunes, but will also have the ability of buying songs on the fly over Cingular’s network, probably for about $2 a song, sources report.”

Full article here.

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  1. Why buy it for $2 from Cingular’s network when you can just buy it for $0.99 from ITMS on your mac and just upload it to your phone? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”question” style=”border:0;” />

  2. The phone companies want part of the action. That is why I think the ipod phone was delayed. The carriers refused to sell the phones unless they could make some money out of it.

    I don’t really care if the songs cost more if you buy them via your phone as long as the ability to use other songs on your computer remains.

    The carriers will make money out of those stupid enough to pay twice as much. But they may find that most people are smart enough to realize they are being ripped off. In the end the carriers may be forced to drop prices to encourage sales.

    Either way Apple will win. Apple are showing that they are being more pragmatic about their business. No good taking the high ground when the company is bankrupt.

  3. Sounds like Cingular came up with the idea and I bet Apple went along to get a carrier to carry the phone. That way most folks can still just get all their music from iTunes, but Cingular hopes to reap some rewards with this impulse buy on the fly setup. I bet they make out pretty well too.

  4. they are crazie if they think will buy the music for $2 but then again they might not be so stupid. I mean is it me or what is up with all these ring tone and jokes subscriptions on cell phones, so if there is a market for something as stupid as those things, then you better your arse then there will be a market for people who subscribe to jokes, songs and still buy cds for $12.99. lol

  5. That’s a significant markup for the phone company. I could see this working at 50 cents. Not another whole dollar, though.

    IMPORTANT QUESTION: if you can download songs to the phone, will you then be able to copy songs FROM the phone to a computer? This violates the current rule of one-way transfers to the iPods.

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