Google releases first native Mac application: Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X

“I’m a Mac user. Most of my friends are Mac users. After a little coaxing, most of my family are now Mac users. So I decided to spend 20% of my time here on a small application that may help all of the Mac users in my life: a Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X,” Greg Miller, Google Software Engineer, writes.

The app is small and nonintrusive, but hopefully still has all the features a Mac user would want. With it you can:

– view messages without opening a browser
– open Gmail in your browser without forcing you to log in again
– make Gmail your default email program
– even more…

Miller writes, “Though this is the first, it won’t be the last native Mac application that Google delivers. So please, Mac users, stay tuned!” Full article here.

More info and download link here.


  1. A enemy of my enemy (M$) is my friend.

    Just I don’t see a whole hella lot what Google can do for Mac users outside of the basics.

    Now for Windoze losers that’s another story. But it’s because M$ is a fat lazy animal and a incompetent one at that.

    But when that beast finally moves on to your turf, there is no way in hell of getting it off.

    The best Apple or Google can do is dance in front of it and poke it’s eyes with a stick.

    Disclaimer: I just got done playing a round of Doom3 and my sense of reality is distorted.

  2. With 2.5 GBs of space, some people just like to leave their messages online and not bother to download them and not download them.
    Plus, it taxes your system less than leaving Mail open all the time.

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