Apple stomps competitors in flash-based MP3 player market

In a recent Wall Street Journal article about how Apple iPod’s popularity forced Rio to quit the portable music player business, a chart displays the flash-based market share of various flash-based portable music players through June 2005.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “Later in September, Apple will pose an even greater challenge to other makers of flash-based music players when it is expected to change its iPod Mini products to flash chips from small hard drives. As a result, the new iPod Mini could be smaller, consume battery power at a slower rate and cost less than Apple’s current models.”
The WSJ’s graphic shows very clearly just how dominant Apple is in the flash-based market and, if the rumors of new iPod shuffle and iPod mini products come true, Apple’s market-dominance only looks to strengthen.

Full article (paid subscription required) here.

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  1. Makes sense. I’ve been guessing all along (since the mini came out) that some day they would switch to flash. SOME day in the future, I’m guessing hard drives will only be used for major backup and file storage operations, and flash memory will be dominant in consumer -level computing. The mini will be a basic music player (in a few years reaching the capacity to hold even the largest music collections) and the regular ipod will be a high end, early adopter, multi-purpose machine (as it is already becoming).

    But who knows…maybe we’ll all need 100 TB in our ipods in ten years.

  2. That chart separates by model and RAM capacity. So there certainly could be another 30-40 models, including many from Sony, Samsung, and RCA.

    But other than Apple and Sandisk, none of them show up on Amazon anymore.

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