Madonna, Green Day, Little Richard and others to star in Motorola Apple iTunes phone ads

“Motorola has signed up Madonna, Iggy Pop and generations of music stars to promote its first iPod music phone, the Motorola Rokr, which is due to be unveiled next week,” Sam Matthews reports for Brand Republic. “It is reported that Motorola has signed an artist from every generation to appear in the ads, including Little Richard, Bootsy Collins, Lil’ John, The White Stripes, Sleater-Kinney, Sum 41, Mya, Pussycat Dolls and Billie Joe from Green Day. Look-a-likes of Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Biggie Smalls are also featured.”

Matthews reports, “According to a report in The Sun, the mobile giant is in negotiations with The White Stripes, Alanis Morissette and The Bravery to appear in the spot, created by Ogilvy & Mather, which will see the music stars confined in a phone box. A Motorola spokesman refused to comment on the ads but confirmed that Madonna and Iggy Pop were to star.”

Full article here.

The Sun reports that Madonna has signed with Motorola for £1 million for the ad campaign here.

The website “Madonnalicious” (SJ in a handbag, did we just type Madonnalicious?!) has more details, including a synopsis of one ad opens in a Middle Eastern village and shows a subtitled phone conversation between a young man and his girlfriend. Madonna walks up to the phone booth where the teenager is talking and kisses the young man, then asks, “Who’s that girl?” His girlfriend is then heard screaming through the receive, followed by an instrumental version of Madonna’s new single, ‘Hung Up.’

At this point, other characters are introduced and squeezed into the phone booth. First “Beethoven” and “Hendrix” join Madonna and the teenager in the booth. They are soon followed by other stars who arrive and “pack into the booth with various difficulties,” the report explains.

When no one else can fit inside the phone booth, “Biggie Smalls” appears. Madonna, her face now pressed against the glass, yells “Biggie….Noooo!”

All the stars then disappear into the phone booth receiver which then changes into a Motorola Motr Rokr in the teenagers hand.
Madonna has worked with Apple before. On September 19, 2000, Apple announced a unique Internet event that coincided with the worldwide release of Madonna’s “Music” album, where all ten tracks were immediately available exclusively at exclusively in Apple’s QuickTime format. In addition, two forthcoming video remixes of the album’s first single, the title track “Music,” were available at exclusively in QuickTime.

And, of course, in late 2002, Apple offered iPods “signed” (laser engraved) by celebrities including Madonna.

Except for one old album, “Give It to Me – The Early Years,” and some spoken word audiobooks of her children’s books, Madonna is currently nowhere to be found on Apple iTunes Music Store. Is that about to change?

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  1. I think Madonna has struck a deal with Apple to promote her new album via a special iPod like what U2 did. She is one of the only other artists who is as big as U2 – and the fact that she has a new album coming out this Fall would be HUGE. And of course her entire catalog of music will be made availalbe on iTunes with enormous promotion.

  2. People! This means the Apple phone is gonna be B-I-G big! Motorola would not be getting behind a product with such a massive amount of spending if theyy didn’t think it wouldn’t be huge. A good sign to be sure…

  3. This wil be big for Motorola, as adding the iTunes / iPod brand to its already popular RAZR product will no doubt make it an instant hit. It’s worth the investment in marketing it.

    I still think it’s not *so* big for Apple, if it really is just an iTunes phone. Unless there’s something else.. announcement of iTunes phones with multiple service providers, direct highspeed wireless download from the iTMS to the phone, etc.

    We’ll see, I guess.

  4. DBS –

    Superstars, all of them. And Green Day just picked up 7 MTV awards last week for their current less-punk-than-before-but-still-not-quite-rock hit.

    If they signed the endorsement deal today, how much more you think they coulda got?

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