BofA: ‘Apple-branded’ Motorola iTunes cell phones due next week

“Banc of America reiterated a ‘buy’ rating and a price target of $43 for Apple Computer in anticipation of the company’s product launches next week,” Maya Roney reports for Forbes. “The research firm believes that the most likely product to be included in the announcement is a line of Apple-branded cellular phones with iTunes functionality, in a partnership between Apple and Motorola.”

Roney reports, “Also potentially in the pipeline is a video-enabled iPod to be launched late this year or early next year. ‘We see the video side of the market as being more evolutionary as compared to the revolutionary music market,’ said Banc of America.”

Full article here.
Apple-branded? If so, this would be a very smart move by Apple and Motorola to tie the very valuable Apple brand to a music-capable cellphone.

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  1. Stevego must be bouncing off the walls that people have discovered his secret that he will unveil on Sept.7.

    “Who told them!” screams Stevego to his staff, “Find the leak! Sue them!!!” Then Stevego stalks back into his office, slams the door and curls up in the corner in a bean bag chair with his Incredible figures, muttering to himself, “I just don´t understand why more people did not by your DVD…”

  2. Hey, unveilled on my birthday! might be a sign ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> . This seems a little late into the market mind, after all, companies such as sony have been doing MP3 phones for a while, I hope Steve delivers something special! Any Ideas on who is gonna carry it?

  3. From TFA: “A higher-capacity flash player with color screen is also a possibility, to help Apple regain some share in the flash market.”

    “REgain some share” ???? I keep pretty much up to date on this stuff, so someone please tell me where I missed it that Apple had LOST flash MP3 market share.

    And either that $43 target price is a big typo or BOA analysts are products of today’s HS math classes.

  4. Apple is basically the only company that tries to keep it new products under paranoid wrap until the last second.
    Probably to feed Steve´s ego so that he can stand on the stage in front of the world and act like a god giving birth to his wonderful new creation. Then after his one day dog-and-pony show to the press Jobs goes back into seclusion for months and months plotting his next ego massage.

    Jobs must be just totally flipping out that Motorola is obviously leaking info on the new Motorola iPod enabled phone.

    Its just a silly phone that can store and play music files.

  5. Hey, Stan: At least Apple doesn’t regularly make an ass out of itself by promising products it can’t deliver, a good possibility when your habit is announcing things far in advance of their availability. Look what happened when Apple broke with this standard procedure and promised 3GHz G5s a year before they were supposed to arrive.

  6. I’m always curious to know why people think the only reason Apple keeps secrets is to boost Steve Jobs’ ego during keynotes. I recently watched the videos of Mac’s 1984 unveiling:

    Jobs did not appear egotistical to me in these videos. He did look proud, happy, and excited.

    Yeah, I’ve read some stuff, too, about the temper tantrums, and I’ve seen Pirates of Silicon Valley, but I’ve never met him. Have you?

    Apple has every right to keep their secrets. Look at how many companies try to steal ideas from Apple. If they can’t steal it, they try to steal the patent! Kind of reminds me of the One Ring. Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Good advice.

    Steve Jobs, like all of us, is imperfect, but he is the heart and soul of Apple to me. He deserves a lot more credit, especially on a Mac fan site, than he seems to get.


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