ZDNet UK review gives Apple Mighty Mouse 6.6 out of 10

“Like its namesake, the Apple Mighty Mouse packs a lot of ability into a small package. Although the design is decidedly simple, its four customisable buttons and 360-degree scroll ball are a joy to use. The £35 (inc. VAT) price tag is a bit expensive for a corded mouse, but if you’re an Apple Mac OS 10.4 Tiger user, you’ll appreciate the configurability. However, Windows users and Mac users who haven’t upgraded should stick with a more comfortable, less expensive mouse, such as the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse,” Lara Luepke writes for ZDNet UK Reviews.

“The Mighty Mouse has the same smooth, shiny, white-plastic finish you’ve seen on iPods and other Apple products, making it an aesthetically perfect accessory for an iBook or an iMac p, beware: The scroll ball and side buttons are a light grey.) Although attractive, the Mighty Mouse is less comfortable to use than other mice we’ve tested, such as the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse, which offers better support for your hand. However, the mouse does score points for fitting both left- and right-handed users. We became accustomed to its flat feel and grew to prefer its scroll ball to the typical mouse’s scroll wheel. Even though the left and right buttons aren’t distinctly separated, we had no trouble hitting the correct one. The two side buttons need to be pressed very firmly, and they perform the same function whether pressed separately or together; we wish they were each individually configurable,” Luepke writes.

Full review here.

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  1. I appreciate that they’ve finally created a two-button mouse.

    I do not appreciate that little scrollwheely. Too much work for my finger and the both-dimensions(vert+horiz)-at-once makes it hard to control. I would much rather it was a button that you push and it turns the whole mouse into a scroll control.

    I’m sticking with my logitech.

  2. I stopped by the Apple Store in Toronto last weekend and gave the Mighty Mouse a try. As a two button+scroll button mouse, it was great, although as people mentioned, expensive for what it is. As far as I’m concerned the side buttons are a write-off. The f$cking idiot who designed the side buttons should be tarred, feathered, drawn, quartered, stoned and dragged by the feet. My thumb is nowhere near the left side button, meaning that I have to physically reposition my hand to squeeze the buttons. On top of that, the side buttons require way too much force to activate (adding to the inconvenience) and offer zero tactile feedback that I activated it. If you ask me, this mouse is a complete waste of Apple’s R&D budget and the side button design is up there with the stupid puck mouse as one of the worst design decisions ever.

    Why oh why does Apple have to try so damn hard to complicate something that should be very simple. Oh yeah, and why make you have to squeeze the two buttons to get 1 action? The OS supports FIVE buttons, they could have given us a 5 button mouse, but decided to waste one by requiring you to use both side buttons for 1 action.


    I guess some things at Apple will never change. Thank God the guys who designed the mouse aren’t the same ones who design Mac OS X.

  3. I bought one, and I totally dig it. I don’t use the mouse for an armrest, since my hands are too big for that using just about any mouse. I set up the ball-click to be a third button click, and the squeeze click to bring up my application switcher (like hitting command-tab), and the mouse really does improve workflow. Then again, I prefer just using my PowerBook trackpad over any mouse, since I don’t have to move my hand so far from the keyboard.

  4. It won’t pick up your kids from daycare, unlike the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse.

    All these tech reporters are the butt-monkeys for the industry, because ANYONE can do their job. Hell, a typing monkey could do a better job.

    If chimps could ever learn to do repetitive menial tasks, that would be the end of tech writers and reporters everywhere.

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