Opera browser free for 24-hours to celebrate 10th anniversary

Opera is celebrating its tenth anniversary online by giving away free copies of the software, including their Mac OS X version. The company typically charges for the Web browser. The giveaway is for 24-hours only.

Get a free Opera registration code – available until midnight CET (GMT +1) on Wednesday 31st of August.

More info: http://my.opera.com/community/party/


  1. designknob:

    From the page referenced above in the article, click the the “Go Free Now!” button on the top right part of the page.

    On the next page, enter your e-mail address & submit. The next page will give you registration numbers for ALL the OS’s Opera is available for. At the bottom of the registration number page will be download links.

    Hope this helps!

    MW = Free, as in “Opera for free? Cool!”

  2. there’s no “Register Opera” option in the Help menu of the downloaded Opera browser–> only “Buy Opera” which sends you to the Opera site..Am i missing a step?

    ie no place to enter these free codes..

  3. For those who missed it above, AFTER installing Opera, enter the code under “Opera” in the menu bar, then “Register Opera.”

    HipProductions: Why would someone decline to even TRY another browser. Try nothing, learn nothing. Opera has supported Macs for years and I would think giving it a shot wouldn’t hurt – even without the free registration (in which case it works with ads). Opera has had its ups and downs over the years, but I think this is a good promotion to expose more people to it. I don’t use it all the time, but I do run it once in a while. It can be really good – or not as good.

    Macs have at least 11 or 12 browsers that I can name right off, yet few people even know that more than 3 or 4 even exist. I personally feel OmniWeb is the fullest featured, but not as fast as some others and it is from a solid Mac company. Opera has some quirks, but it can be fast for some sites and has some other pluses – and it has been around longer than many other browsers.

    How many browsers can people name for Macs without doing an exhaustive search? (I’ll spot you “Shiira.”) And why aren’t more people trying some of them out? I’m personally tired of hearing Firefox touted as such a great browser when I know it comes up short in some areas.

  4. Can someone post the free code? The free party is apparently “over” already (way before their midnight advertisement…”

    Talk about bait and switch — I downloaded this for nothing?

    You’re right — I’ll stick to free Safari and Firefox…

  5. I was using OmniWeb, but I took advantage of the free Opera offer and I’m testing it out. Some thoughts…

    1. Opera is the fastest browser I’ve tried. Much faster than OmniWeb.

    2. The interface is all custom and doesn’t use many system-wide controls in the Mac OS.

    3. It’s harder to “figure it out” than other browsers.

    That being said, it’s great, and I’m alternating between Opera and OmniWeb right now… can’t decide! If OmniwWeb wasn’t such a memory hog, I might have decided faster, though.

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