Opera browser free for 24-hours to celebrate 10th anniversary

Opera is celebrating its tenth anniversary online by giving away free copies of the software, including their Mac OS X version. The company typically charges for the Web browser. The giveaway is for 24-hours only.

Get a free Opera registration code – available until midnight CET (GMT +1) on Wednesday 31st of August.

More info: http://my.opera.com/community/party/


  1. anyone who think Safari is free is deluding himself.

    development for Safari is funded by sales of the Apple OS, as well as development for all of the other *free* apps released by Apple.

    everyone who buys anything from Apple is funding other projects indirectly. the person who does not understand this simple concept is the person who thinks that health benefits from work are free.

    opera on the other hand is relatively free — you just get loads of ads unless you register it.

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