Report: .Mac updates imminent, Mac OS X 10.4.3 to pack ‘hundreds of fixes’

“It appears Apple will soon update its .Mac internet services to include a handful of new features,” AppleInsider reports. “The company this month recalled all unsold retail copies of .Mac from its distribution channels, sources said. Refreshed .Mac retail boxes are expected to begin shipping to retail outlets shortly. The new version is expected to add the long-rumored Backup 3.0 application and a slew of Dashboard Widgets made exclusively for .Mac subscribers.”

Additionally, AppleInsider reports, “Apple continues to develop the next maintenance release to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, which will pack an abnormal number of bug fixes. Rumor has it the company just finished work on Mac OS X 10.4.3 build 8F20, which should make its way to developers momentarily.”

Full article (which also contains the image from Apple’s emailed invitation to the Sept 7th special music event) here.

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  1. >why not wait and release an OS after it’s 100% PERFECT? The way Microsoft does? Windows XP may be old for years, but at least they have fixed ALL the bugs by now.>

    Windows couldn’t fix all their bugs in a hundred years, even with 100% pure malathion.

    We don’t need no stinkin’ windows.

  2. why not wait and release an OS after it’s 100% PERFECT? The way Microsoft does?

    This is exactly the problem with MS. They do not admit they release crap. Heck, XP was touted as THE reference for computing security. And any teenager is capable to bring US corporations to their knees by using virus kits for Windows. What a crap.

    Microshit Windows is perfect and will never be truly fixed. That is why it sux.

    Most that is covered in 10.4.3 is performance improvement and cure some issues that you read about on Apple Discussions and that affect a small percentage of OS X users in some peculiar configurations. Some bugs affected as little as few hundreds OS X users.

  3. there are hundreds of fixes and improvements. close to 100MB.
    And yes, some that the vast majority of users would never come close to provoke them. Not a reason not to fix them.

    It would be good for MS mindset as Tiger is way more than good enough as it now. For Apple ‘good enough’ is a nonsense.

  4. Hmm, pretty much so. Apple knows it has room for improvements even though many already feel they have what they need. For myself I am very glad these updates come and fix and improve so many things. Even things that *today* I might not care about but *tomorrow* I will be glad they have been improved and fixed even if used by a minority of OS X users.

    There is no sw that is bug free. You may only squash the ones you know (some do not even do that: “good enough”). Be glad Apple is not following some other’s mantra and pro-actively pursues bugs and seeks for improvements on areas where most of its users base would simply say “Huhh? Why do I need this update at all?”

    If you go through the list of 10.4.3 intervention most of users would be left cold, not even *knowing* anything about areas that are being fixed and/or improved. So thanks Apple, keep up with the good job and keep seeking perfection. It is a task that will never end but that will give users the best experience ever ever!

  5. who knows, maybe they’ll fix the ueber sucky app called FontBook. I know this might be a stretch but a coupla years ago there was a small [working] utility/app called ATM deluxe. Well, I can’t say that anything has come close as of yet.

  6. MacDude…great vid! I really enjoyed it. You always have something relevant to say in your posts.
    Macs are used in a lot of different configs, with a lot of software so one could suppose that the bug fixes take care of issues many of us don’t see often if at all.
    .Mac…well I like it, but I don’t think for me it’s worth $99 a year. However, I can see why many people would really get good use out of it and would love it.

  7. For all the Mac fans out there bad mouthing Windows XP, you must realize the OS is only as secure as the user. Macs charge a premium price to get their loyal premium customers. “Computers for the rest of us”….hardly.

    Windows XP runs on a long list of machines, abd includes drivers and utilities for a far wider spectrum of products. And it works.

    This just proves that Apple isn’t perfect.

    When Vista is released, you will see the gap in perceived usability of and OS will be diminished.


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