Microsoft plays catch-up to Apple, looks to open branded retail store in NYC

“Microsoft Corp. is on the prowl for a store in Times Square. The move would be the software giant’s first big stab at retail and may be an attempt to play catch-up with archrival Apple, which has hit a home run with its own branded stores, including its New York City flagship in SoHo,” Louise Kramer reports for The New York Post. “Microsoft is looking for a large space to create a ‘branding experience’ a la Apple’s showroom and information center.”

Kramer writes, “Apple took what was viewed as a big risk by branching into retail, but the venture has been such a success that the company has opened 110 stores while Microsoft has continued selling through other retailers. Microsoft did attempt a small-scale retail store, called MicrosoftSF, in San Francisco. It opened in 1999 and closed three years later. In recent weeks, Microsoft officials have been in touch with New York real estate brokers who have worked on transactions in Times Square. A company spokesman declined to comment.”

Full article, which was surrounded by Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget ads during our visit, here.

MacDailyNews Take: First install of “Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware is FREE* to all Microsoft Dunce Bar™ visitors**! Only the Microsoft Retail Store offers the patented Lost & Missing DLL Service™! First 1,000 visitors eligible to purchase Grand Opening T-Shirts.*** Every day features our Proprietary Format Workshop, featuring FREE**** workshops where Certified Microsoft Specialists instruct visitors on how to create and email Word (.doc) documents, Excel (.xls) documents, and our upcoming Metro file format! Each day at 9am, 7 days a week, get your complimentary Windows Virus of the Day™!***** And, of course, EVERY DAY is LOCK-IN DAY™!

*Return visits to the Microsoft Dunce Bar™ are subject to hourly maintenance charges (Registry repair subject to additional charges).
** No iPods, iBooks, or PowerBooks allowed in Microsoft Retail Store.
*** Regular Grand Opening T-Shirt price is US$19.99 plus NYS tax.
**** Workshop participants may be subject to charges on a per question basis. Rates TBD.
***** Unlimited supply. No visitor will leave uninfected.


  1. Let me see ….

    If M$ opens a retail store ….. will they have just one shelf for their wares ??

    I mean…. couldnt you fit an X-Box and its games plus a few copies of WinCrap XP all on one shelf ??

    I cant imagine there would be much to look at …

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  2. What HW will they stock? HP? Dell? How will the other vendor react? That’s the thing about Apple – it is an experience – it’s the hardware, the software, the iPods, the music. Microsoft isn’t cool. Microsoft is a corporate panderer who everyone is used to “dealing with”. Who needs to go to the mall to see spyware crashing a computer when they can sit at home or work and see it?

    MDN: morning

  3. Too funny. Even before the MDN take. MS does not need brand recognition. They need brand rehabilitation. From the Tiger dictionary: …restore (someone) to former privileges or reputation after a period of critical or official disfavor… A store won’t do that. What a waste of money.

  4. And to fully replicate the Windows experience, upon entering the store you will be bombarded by ads for online gambling, porn and hair restoration services, thereupon someone will come up and introduce themselves as yourself, and steal your wallet and credit cards, and then erase your memory.

    You will also be forced to pay to use the bathroom and to leave the store.

  5. … furthermore, another example of how Microsoft hasn’t got an original idea in the multi-billion dollar R&D heads. I bet 100$ that the stores are brightly lit with hardwood floors, and white fixtures.

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