After dropping Macs, Henrico officials work to protect students’ new Dells from viruses

“Never in the history of Henrico County’s laptop program have the students’ Apple iBooks fallen victim to a fast-spreading virus or worm,” Olympia Meola reports for The Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Apples were not as prone to them, said Lloyd Brown, director of technology for the Henrico school system.”

MacDailyNews Note: “Apples,” or “Macs” to be correct (Apple is the company, the computer platform they make is called Macintosh), running Mac OS X as Henrico once had, have had zero cases of viruses or worms. To say Macs are “not as prone” to viruses or worms is disingenuous, to say the least.

Meola continues, “The school system has also had good luck with its Windows-based PCs, though a virus attacked Windows computer labs at three or four schools about two years ago, Brown recalled. But this school year could be a learning experience in many ways. The Henrico school system will distribute Dell laptops to high school students this year, a change from the past four years with iBooks. That also means a switch from a Macintosh to a Windows operating system that has been more prone to viruses.”

MacDailyNews Note: The Windows operating system has been “more prone” to viruses? Yeah, we guess you could say that, although hardly with a straight face – see related articles below.

Meola continues, “Student e-mail accounts, where many viruses spread, are not being used. Filters, anti-theft tags, a firewall and wireless updates will help stem problems. At least, that’s the plan. ‘There are so many layers we have to have to . . . be somewhat secure,’ Brown said. ‘I’m never going to tell you we’re 100 percent secure.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ever heard of the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it?” Well, Henrico County has “fixed” it now. You were 100 percent secure from viruses for the last four years with Apple Mac OS X, Mr. Brown. And now you’re not.

We have to wonder if we’ll ever know if things are going badly for Henrico or will any problems just be swept under the rug?

Apple’s “Profile in Success – Henrico County Public Schools” webpages are currently still online here.

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  1. I’m guessing that Olympia Meola uses a Mac, and she will be keeping Mr. Brown’s feet to the accountability fire.

    It also sounds like they have already spent a ton of $$$ on keeping the Dells running… and they haven’t even been distributed yet. I hope those accountants are paying attention.

  2. I used to think that MDN was being too strict when pointing out the difference between “less prone to” and “no virus, no problems”

    With this story I am convinced of the URGENT need to clarify for everyone the huge difference, not only in terms of how many virus there are for Windows, but the effort and cost that it entails to be “somewhat protected”

  3. Brad. You may be a joker, but you sure can’t spell.

    >I mean, all Mac users OCCASSIONALLY get viruses, just like Windows users.

    Now, say after me, O-c-c-a-s-i-o-na-l-l-y. That’s better.

  4. “We have to wonder if we’ll ever know if things are going badly for Henrico or will any problems just be swept under the rug?” – MDN

    This is a real laugh! I thought it was too early for them to enjoy the rewards of the Zotob virus.

    The Henrico School District will do EVERYTHING possible to hide the results of their idiotic decision under the rug. Be assured that the lump under their carpet will grow to the point that they will need assortment of pitons, hooks, bolt hangers, and ropes to climb over it! With any luck, Olympia Meola will be an ever-present thorn in their sides. While the Henrico officials will attempt to hide the obvious, there will be others who will gladly leak the information out.

    Stay tuned…

  5. If they had gone with Macs as originally planned, (yes they would have been more expensive and that may have put them off), but they wouldn’t have the trouble they’re in now. A Mac pays for itself over time considering it always just keeps working (99% of the time). Yes PCs are cheaper first up, but by the time you buy your antivirus, and add up time spent making the PC work, oh and not to mention that $800 air conditioned graphics card you’ll need just to play Doom 3 etc, etc…..

    Still. Dosn’t bother me.

  6. Yawn. I’ve had a PC for 7 years – and a couple of Macs for just over a year. I installed a virus checker on the PC and a free spyware remover (Spybot) and have never had a single virus attack or spyware problem. Ever. I also installed the free ZoneAlarm firewall that provides the same application-specific port-blocking functionality as Little Snitch on the Mac – only you have to pay for Little Snitch.

    What MDN seems to completely fail to realise – or more realistically, fail to want to admit – is that it is perfectly possible to enjoy a virus, spyware and trojan free existance on Windows too – for about $30 a year. I’m not an apologist for Windows – I prefer the experience on the Mac – but this site does seem to get this issue *totally* out of proportion. Sure, it’s a downside of Windows – but there are plenty of downsides to owning a Mac too. The impact of these will vary from person to person, but those that I have specifically noticed myself include limited hardware support, limited software, poor gaming, inability to video chat with MSN Messenger users (ie. all my family & friends), expensive hardware, unreliable hardware (4 repairs in as many months on an iMac), slow performance compared with a 2 year old PC (iMac G5 1.8Ghz vs. 2.6GHz P4) on real-world applications like Photoshop. I have also had MacOS X freeze on me on a few occasions – something that has never happened to me with Windows XP. Why don’t MDN focus on some of these issues – this is, after all, a site about Macs rather than PC’s?

    When will MDN learn to give balanced reports? They’d do the Mac community a far better service by highlighting the very real issues of using a Mac and hence putting pressure on Apple to fix them, than beating the same old boring drum about Microsoft and viruses. I don’t think that really helps anyone – and most PC owners are well aware of the impact or otherwise of the problem. If it really were as bad as MDN suggest, and Mac was as perfect as suggested here, then perhaps Apple would have more than a declining 4% share of the computer market.

  7. Paul, could you please get in touch with all the IT departments of CNN, ABC, a number of DMVs in the country and explain those idiots how they could save Billions with your expertise. You see, they get infected with every major virus attack.

    As Seahawk well put here time ago, sure, a single Windows user may get through it safely but that means SHIT. The real information is in big samples and those show massive infection. Enjoy probability: it is the only one thing that is saving you, not those 30$. You simply happened to be in that tail of the distribution of non-infected Windows platforms. That does not mean you will not end up one day in the other side of the curve.

    Again, any Windows user here can come and post: “Hey, all BS, I protect myself 100% so you are all exaggerating.” Talk to an IT professional and it will state you the unbearable truth: 30$ are simply giving you a false sense of protection. What protects you is what saves zebras in the herd when attacked by lions: number: “I have never been eaten so far, so all these stories about lions killing us 100% of the time they spot us are surely exaggerate”

    Concerning other things, your mileage vary. It is your mileage. MSN is incompatible with the Mac: complain to Microsoft. OS X freeze: what happens? I had application ‘not responding’ but never the OS. Performance… have a dual G5 at work. Still have to come across a PC that does anything faster and they tried. On par yes, minimal difference plus and minus, yes, but nothing faster hands down. And there are Xeons here too.

  8. Paul is simply a Sputnik hiding! Nobody ever said the Macintosh was perfect how do you compare a computer that stays on for most of the year to a computer you have to shut off everyday because you are afraid someone might hi-jack it. I think it’s crazy that anybody using a computer should expect viruses and have to even spend an extra $30 to protect the tool so that it may perform it’s job! I mean that’s like buying a house and then having to buy an extra roof because the one you bought it with is built like swiss cheese. the Macintosh has parts that fail just like any other mass produced items but the key part of the whole syste( OS X) stays mainly trouble free compared to windows and doesn’t need a damn IT technician to make sure it remains that.

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