Windows worm halts production at 13 DaimlerChrysler U.S. plants

A computer worm temporarily halted production at 13 of DaimlerChrysler AG’s U.S. plants this week, according to The Associated Press. DaimlerChrysler said the damage was “minimal” and it expects to make up the lost production. AP reports, “General Motors Corp. also had some minor disruptions because of the worm but didn’t stop production, spokesman Dan Jankowski said yesterday.”

AP reports, “The worm was released by hackers and affected Windows 2000 operating systems. It slowed Internet connections and blocked e-mails across the country. The worm forced Chrysler to stop work on Tuesday at several U.S. plants, company spokesman David Elshoff said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Minimal? Halting production at 13 plants? They expect “to make up the lost production?” How will they do that for free? Microsoft apologists. So how much is this latest barrage of Windows worms really costing companies and the economy?

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  1. Whew, thats good. Gotta have my Hemi and my H2 and H3 so I can fill up on $3 a gallon gas and provide a Terriorist in Saudia Arabia some funs to blow himself up in Iraq, or England.

  2. People you don’t understand…

    In the “real IT world” we have the tools and the training to deal with situations like this.

    The Apple OS does not supply or offer 3rd party vendor software to use to help protect or repair damaged systems. Why would we want to change to a non-proven OS without any of the tools needed to protect the workstations or servers.

    At least on a Windows system we can fix them if something would go wrong on an Apple system… I guess you would have to send it back to Apple.


  3. I use a MAC and a computer worm brought my production to a halt too! Contrary to popular opinion, these don’t just affect Windows users. Mac users are vulnerable too.

    I reckon I lost several minutes of productivity reading this story, having a laugh, and writing this response. 😀 😀

  4. sputnik, you do like to parade your ignorance, don’t you?

    Apple provides training — If you need your hand held, like most WIndows “administrators” do.

    All the tools required to protect Macs exist. It requires much less work than protecting WIndows (compare the US government guidelines for protecting Widows and Macs). Windows “administrators” really like doing unnecessary work. *nix administrators like improving things for users.

    The tools needed to repair Macs exist. I have yet had to send one to Apple. I hear the “gotta send it back to Apple” a lot from Windows fan boys. But Windows fan boys say so many things that turn out to be false that the bosses are starting to wonder if they can trust them.

    But you did say you were guessing. Like other Windows “admins”, you probably run your systems by guessing.

  5. Can’t be. It is so EASY to protect themselves on Windows. Every Windows user here says us that: “Never had a problem. It is all BS”.

    This is again a made-up FUD of Mac Zealots.


    What a bunch of idiots to feed Gates accounts

  6. This attack targeting Windows 2000 mostly, Microsoft suffering from ridicule upgrade figures from W2k customer and a less than expected adoption of XP among corporate customers…

    Microsoft having no ethics, essentially justifying every mean to milk its customer cows (Longhorn was the perfect image of MS base)….

    uhmm, I think some virus writer must have gotten a check recently by Mr Fence.

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