McAfee announces Virex for Macintosh, virus protection for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

McAfee, Inc. today announced that McAfee Virex for Macintosh now offers support for the Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) operating system. With extended support for Apple’s newest Mac OS X, small to large businesses can implement real-time prevention of viruses, worms, Trojans and other potentially unwanted programs across their Macintosh and heterogeneous environments.

McAfee Virex utilizes the award-winning McAfee scan engine for complete, proactive virus protection for Macintosh systems, stopping virus and malicious code threats, including hidden threats buried in archives and other compressed file types. The solution is centrally managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, enabling businesses to manage all of their McAfee system security solutions from one central interface, to save time and money as well as ensure a consistent security policy across all computers.

According to a recent Inside Gartner Top View Report by Ed Younker, Gartner Research, enterprise users should not assume that their Macs are immune to security flaws. Even though the growing number of Macintosh security flaws won’t affect most enterprises, businesses using Macs must guard against malicious code attacks.

“Although the Macintosh installed base is relatively small, it is still be a potential target for hackers, especially Macintosh systems that are connected to the corporate network,” said Steve Crutchfield, director of product marketing, McAfee, Inc. in the press release. “With added support for Tiger OS, administrators using McAfee Virex can upgrade to the new platform with the assurance that they are steps ahead of future security threats.”

McAfee Virex is available August 29, 2005 worldwide through McAfee, Inc. and its channel partners.

More information here.

MacDailyNews Take: In somewhat related news today, Trek announced training wheels for Lance Armstrong, Snapple announced a new iced tea for goldfish, and Caswell-Massey announced a beautiful mock tortoise hair comb for Steve Ballmer.

Seriously, although Mac OS X users are immune to Windows viruses and there have been zero Mac OS X viruses since the Apple’s operating system’s debut, Mac users who do not wish to pass along Windows viruses and malware to Windows users should consider running run anti-virus software. For example, this would theoretically help a Mac user to avoid forwarding an infected email to a Windows user. As you can see below, Windows users need all the help they can get.

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  1. “…….Windows users need all the help they can get…..”

    Who cares ??….. Let ’em suffer with their virus-magnet OS !

    Eventually, the smart ones will get a clue and move over to Macs … and the rest ?? ….. Well, you cant teach an old dog new tricks, I suppose..

  2. “The List,” as I call it, of related MDN articles regarding Windows worm, virus, spyware, and malware problems and the Mac’s immunity is important for all to see.

    Keep up the great work, MDN!

    “A beautiful mock tortoise hair comb for Steve Ballmer.”

  3. Gotta get in on this OS X anti-virus software racket.

    Let’s see, development costs for software that doesn’t acutally do anything…close to 0.

    Revenue: Fool some newbie switcher suckers into buying it…Bucks

    Return on investment: In percentage terms…nearly infinite.


  4. We get so tired of geeks (without a life) that dis MDN’s coverage. There are some of us that don’t catch an item the minute (or maybe even the first time) it comes out. We’re not clicking the MDN bookmark thousands of times a day in hopes of being able to type “first post”. Talk about no life!
    We understand the fact that there can be slow news days in the Mac world. We appreciate that info we may have missed, or misplaced (even though it is old) is posted again. We understand that there are newbies to the site that may be seeing something for the first time. We fully appreciate the job that MDN does. It’s our favorite Mac News site.
    We wish the whiners and “first posters” would find something productive to do with their Macs all day.

  5. Oh, Paul, you’re in a heap ‘o trouble now – using “slow” in reference to a G4 and, even worse, implying that Apple’s switch to the Intel chip will somehow magically cause OS X to become more vulnerable to viruses and worms and other similarly named creepy-crawly nasties. Just wondering if you actually KNOW how that will work? If you do, you could make a bundle selling it to Apple, or just create your own anti-virus program to protect us unsuspecting Mac users from certain DOOM.

    Good luck with that. But don’t quit your day job.

  6. In a world where people use different OS’s its good to be able to stop the spread of infected files, even if it has no effect on our Mighty Macs.
    Although it seems there are less file infections and more port crawling worms doing the damage nowadays.

  7. Sorry, Nick, but I find it hard to understand just how viruses and worms designed for the WinXP architecture will somehow be able to instantaneously mutate and become a threat to OS X programs and system files once Apple switches to the Intel chip. Can you elaborate?

    I suspect not, but give it a shot and we’ll see how it goes. (See my earlier post about day jobs, though…)

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