Dr. Mac: Wait just a little bit longer to upgrade to Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger

“When Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger shipped in April, the rest of the media fawned over its hot new features and made you feel that Tiger was a must-have upgrade,” Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus writes for The Houston Chronicle. “While I was impressed with many of its features, I suggested waiting for the inevitable bug-fix releases. My last words were, ‘I’ll let you know as soon as I feel that Tiger is ‘safe and sane’ for the average user. Until then, you’re probably better off without it.'”

“Four months and two minor updates later — the current release is version 10.4.2 — it’s time to take another look,” Levitus writes. So, is it safe yet? The answer is a qualified ‘maybe.’ …While the trend is moving in the right direction, I still don’t like your odds. So, if you haven’t already upgraded to Tiger, you might want to consider waiting just a little bit longer.”

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  1. My biggest problem with Tiger has been with Safari. It crashes more often than I’ve ever dealt with. I think it’s more buggy than the public beta. If anyone has any clues to fix this, I’d be grateful.

  2. My one and only beaf with Tiger was the performance hit that Safari seemed to take – does anyone else get this?

    I have this feeling it might be Java related, but it does bother me – I don’t like getting the spinning beach ball… especially when it was so fast in 10.3.9!

    and the slow down doesn’t occur in FireFox…


  3. Well, it is an extremely major update, and it definitely contains more than just spotlight and dashboard. A lot of stuff was changed under the hood, like metadata cataloguing, resource-fork compatibility for unix commands, etc. Quite a few of these new features broke compatibility with pervious apps only because they hadn’t yet been optimized to take advantage of the new goodies. It’s a bit like a small version of the first OS X plunge we took–hairy at first while the bugs were ironed out, but then fantastic when everything began to click into place.

  4. Safari is way faster for me. 1Ghz Tibook.

    Tiger has been a bit buggy, but after doing an archive and install, then updating to current, things are much smoother overall. Shouldn’t have had to do that, though, I guess…

  5. “My biggest problem with Tiger has been with Safari. It crashes more often than I’ve ever dealt with. I think it’s more buggy than the public beta. If anyone has any clues to fix this, I’d be grateful.”

    Have you tried resetting Safari, I use it all day every day and only have it crash maybe one every 2 weeks.

  6. Anyone having trouble with Mail? Seems like I’ve lost some messages from my inbox…don’t know exactly how or why. I’ve checked a number of forum sites (including Apple support) and can’t find anything similar…

  7. since the security update – Mail and Safari crashes that I could not force quit – that were only slightly decreased with the next version of it. Tiger Cache Cleaner seems to have helped. Although, 10.4.2 was pretty stable, there were some random spinning beach balls that I didn’t get with 10.3.9

  8. Safari and Mail crash a whole lot more than they used to, but not exceedingly so. On average, I am getting one crash per day (or two days) while in the past I used to get a crash every week.

    I also have some older carbon apps that crash now but never crashed before, but I think thats just improper coding.

    I had my office hold off until 10.4.2, but now almost everyone is using Tiger.

  9. I upgraded to Tiger on day one and the only thing I ever noticed was that Mail 2.0 seemed to crash frequently at first, but now it’s fine. I’ve never had any problem with Safari or anything else. I think Bob is being a little over cautious here.

  10. I totally disagree. Once it hit 10.4.2 back in July, it became stable enough to go forward with for basically everyone. I’ve not had any real issues with Tiger at all since the .2 update came out.

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