ZDNet: How many Mac OS X users affected by the last 100 viruses?  None, zero, not one, not ever

“The last seven days have been, well, quite a week -at least for cheerful ‘I told you so’s.’ Most visibly, Windows 2000 users had a problem,” Paul Murphy writes for ZDNet. Here’s a bit from Daniel J. Chacón’s write up in yesterday’s San Diego Union-Tribune:

An Internet worm that crashed computer systems nationwide wreaked havoc on the county government’s network yesterday, shutting down 12,000 desktops and forcing thousands of employees to work the old-fashioned way: manually.

Yesterday’s crash marked the third time in recent weeks that significant computer problems have affected county government.
On July 21, hackers tapped into two computers at the County Employees Retirement Association. The computers contained workers’ names, Social Security numbers, addresses and dates of birth. The breach exposed about 33,000 current and retired county government employees to potential identity theft, though no one has reported being victimised.

A computer virus penetrated the association’s computers last week and forced officials to disconnect e-mail and Internet access Friday.

Brian White, the association’s chief executive officer, said e-mail was back up last night and Internet access was expected to be restored by the end of today.

“There is absolutely no fool-proof methodology to stop yourself from these hacker attacks or viruses,” he said. “But what we are working toward is making sure that we have some different layers of security to minimise any potential.” Full article here.

Murphy writes, “Well, actually, yes there is. World wide, how many Sun Ray users have been shut down, ever, because of virus or worm attacks? That’s none, zero, not one, not ever. And do you know how many Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris users were affected by the last one hundred internet worms and or viruses to make the rounds? That’s right again, none. You know what’s worst about this? Microsoft causes it, and wins big. They release security vulnerability information, some people take advantage of this to launch world wide service disruptions, and a lot of people still using Windows 2000 suddenly get a strong urge to pay for upgrades.”

Full article, complete with user “Talkback” comments here.

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  1. Viruses? Worms? What are those? I don’t even own any anti-virus software either. Oh yeah, that’s a Windows only problem. Well, it’s been so long since I’ve owned a Windows PC I had already forgotten.

  2. I love the “For our Windows-only friends” into. Since when, on this site, is anybody who uses Windows considered a friend? Sheesh, people who’ve nothing but Mac that have the slightest disagreement with something Apple get reamed, ridiculed, and pilloried on this site.

    Feel the “love”.

  3. Your drivin’ down an expressway. Your lane has all of the potholes, the others don’t have a single one. If your solution is to drive more slowly and carefully rather than shifting lanes, then don’t complain about the road.

    But everyone is using this lane, it must be the best one.

    To go on other lanes, I was told I have to relearn how to drive.

    People in the other lanes are speed-addicted cult freaks that vote Democratic and have a close gay “friend” named Steve.

    My work doesn’t allow me to drive in any other lane.

  4. I keep trying to get a virus, infection, spyware, trojan, or adware but I just can’t. Apple is going to have to fix this problem or VISTA is going to burry Apple. Come on Apple. I know you can do it.

  5. Yeh-heh-hehesssss. Listen, zupchuck, lighten up. Have you ever heard of sarcasm?

    It works something like this: “Hey, zupchuck, that was a great post and a stunning contribution to the conversation. Thanks for stopping by!”

    Get it?

    (What? Hey, look, I always keed the folks whose names sound like someone puking.)

  6. No VISTA won’t bury, if that’s what you mean by burry, Apple OSX. Since not many current Windows users won’t even buy it because they say that there is no need to as Win XP does all that is needed for them.

    And who says OSX is ‘gay’, does someone have to be in order to make intelligent decisions about life matters.

    If ‘gay’ means being too clever for you and intelligent then yes I suppose I am and just for the purposes of this thread I am happily married to a woman who I love dearly and what’s more I ‘get some’ every night and twice on the weekends!

    As for work not allowing the use of OSX, a lot of Mac users are the same with their workplace, yes you could argue get another job that will allow you to use Macs, but in this day and age where work matters more so than ever before, high cost of everything else except a Mac as price has dropped etc, get a Mac for your home, and maybe get a Powerbook if your line of work allows for the use of personal lappies in the workplace.

    You may yet impress your boss when you get that report/presentation in on time whereas others have had to grovel and delay because their computer went down with a virus infection.

    The Mac can do everything Windows does; only a whole lot better.

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