Samsung plans 16 new MP3 player models in bid to compete with dominant Apple iPod

“South Korea’s Samsung Electronics will roll out six new models in the MP3 music player market in the second half of 2005 and plans up to 10 more next year in a bid to catch up with leader Apple Computer, an official said on Thursday. Samsung Electronics, the world’s most valuable technology firm outside of the United States, introduced six new additions to its eight-model range of Yepp players in the first six months, in an effort to treble its annual sales to more than 5 million units,” Reuters reports. “But the target is still a sixth of the expected 2005 sales of rival Apple’s iPod player… Samsung and big Asian brands Sony and Creative Technology, as well as PC heavyweights Dell and Gateway have their sights set on Apple’s dominant position.”

Full article here.

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  1. The other MP3 makers, excluding Apple, still do not get it. They will never be able to compete until such time as they can put together the holy trinity; iPod, iTunes, ITunes music store.

    Until then they have no chance!

  2. In response, Creative Labs have announced that they are releasing 3726 new models of MP3 players next quarter in order to win the dominant position from Apple. A creative spokesperson was quoted as saying “…if 16 new models is good, then three-thousand seven-hundred twenty six new models will be even better…”

    It is noted that none of these new models will work with iTunes.

  3. “I love my Samsung DLP TV, but it seems everything else I’ve tried from them is of marginal quality @ best. i.e DVD players etc.
    Go iPod !!!!”

    You must have bought it last year because this year’s models suck. The image is blocky and rough. I was all ready to buy one until i saw in in stores.

  4. 16 different models to compete against three models? iPod; iPod mini and iPod shuffle. Great!

    A consumer will always be upset because for $20 more he could have gotten some other player; or $20 less he could have gotten something else. So, you are never happy!

    With Apple, the increase is in $50 range, although this problem still persists, it is still not that significant. Anyways.. its just my thought.

  5. Yeah, 16 non-descript new models. That’s a big problem for these guys: an iPod is instantly recognizable, but can you tell a Creative from a Samsung from a Sony? Hell, there’s not even any consistency between models from the same company!!

  6. Here’s an idea – don’t spend time and money developing loads of average machines – develop one good one.

    I’m a big apple fan but if they had some actual competition I would be happy because it would no doubt increase the speed of innovation of the iPod even more.

  7. Good luck samsung. whilst at it, why don’t you bring out a player with a proprietary codec as well? Apple, Micro$oft and even Sony did it…so…like what’s wrong with you Koreans? Also, don’t forget to claim at the launch that “this model has so many more features than the iPod…the masses have so waited for this!” Did I say good luck?

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