Report: Apple to debut 4GB, 6GB iPod shuffle units later this year

“Taiwan Green Point (TGP), a Taiwan-based consumer electronics-use chassis maker, recently landed iPod-use case orders from Apple Computer, the Chinese-language Commercial Times reported yesterday, adding to the list of Taiwan manufacturers supporting Apple,” Jessie Shen reports for DigiTimes.

“Taiwan-based iPod-related component makers including Foxlink (Cheng Uei Precision Industry), Advanced-Connectek (Acon), Mustang Industrial and Ji-Haw Industrial are expected to see a significant revenue contribution from Apple orders later this year, as the PC maker will launch new iPod Shuffle [sic] models in 4GB and 6GB versions, according to the paper,” Shen reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: With screens or without? And would they be “shuffles” with a screen?

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  1. I have a 1GB iPod shuffle and USB 2.0 on my PowerBook G4 15″/1.67GHz / 2GB RAM and it takes seemingly forever to fill it from scratch. And yes, that is after I have disconnected all other USB 1.1 devices (which slows the bus down to the lowest common denominator.)

    Filling a 6GB iPod Shuffle will be an overnight experience, no less.


  2. iPod Shuffle’s form-factor only makes sense for a (relatively) small number of songs. It’s like carrying a playlist with you.

    Simply adding more memory isn’t going to add much value to the shuffle but if you take the playlist metaphore angle, a small tweak to the form could make the larger memory usefull. That could simply be a means of selecting a playlist and it wouldn’t necessarily involve a screen.

    The end result would be like carrying several iPod Shuffles in your pocket (or gums in your pack of gums).

  3. I hope this means a flash iPod which doesn’t utterly suck like the iPod shuffle does. Don’t care whether it’s instead of or as well as the shuffle, but I’d love a nice iPod something along the lines of the gorgeous (but non iTunes friendly) new Sony flash players.

    Frankly though I can’t imagine that this report is true. Digitimes is even less reliable than Macosrumors.

  4. In my opinion more memory on a shuffle would rock. I would think you’d need a small screen even if it just told you which song was playing. Personally the only thing that makes a shuffle a shuffle in my mind is the size and weight. So if you can keep them light and small then it’d totally rock!

  5. I think someone made a mistake here – they probably mean ipod mini rather than shuffle.

    I agree that a color screen mini would go down well and possibly a boost to 6 & 8 GB drive. Saying that from what I’ve heard, the 4 GB mini still outsells the 6 gigger. Looks to me that the 4 GB sits on a sweet price point for punters and most people can consider putting more songs than that can hold.

    With that in mind a color screen could have more selling power than a larger hard drive. Maybe Apple will put a color screen in the 6GB model to help drive sales of that.

  6. How about the iPod shuffle with removable flash memory. Then you could put different playlists on different memory and carry abunch of them around in your pocket. It’s easier to carry my 3g 20g with me. But soon I can update to the 60g and never (ha) run out of room.

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