Nokia: no current agreement with Apple for iTunes Music Store on N91 phone

“Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia said on Thursday it had no agreement with Apple Computer Inc. for the iTunes music service to be included on its upcoming N91 multimedia phone,” Reuters reports. “But Nokia said that because of the design of the new N-series phones, software developers could readily produce programs to allow the gadgets to use services like iTunes.”

“‘There is no commercial agreement between Nokia and Apple to integrate iTunes into the N-series devices,'” said Kari Tuutti, spokesman for Nokia’s multimedia division. ‘But since this is based on a computer platform, anybody — including Apple if they so wish — can very easily develop this kind of application and offer it to consumers, via the Internet for example.'”

Finnish daily Taloussanomat had earlier reported that Nokia would bring iTunes to the N91 model.

Full article here.

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  1. My father and brother both have Nokias and they’re awful, fiddly buttons that make navigation a pain in the arse, a glut of menus that make finding anything incredibly hit and miss until you’ve done it so many times it’s muscle memory more than anything. One can only hope that apple gets in on the game and shakes everything up a bit.

  2. Nokia’s Series 60 phones are open platforms. Apple can easily make port their iTunes app to Series 60 and allow the playing of iTunes Store-bought music on the device, as well as make it syncable.

    The N91 is Series 60, it is WiFi enabled, it is bluetooth enabled, it has a 4 gig drive, it is perfect. Apple has to decided if it will forego some iPod sales by releasing the app.

    Others can build it too, but Apple must license the FairPlay DRM to allow iTunes music to play. If Apple does not do this, somebody will figure out another way, at Apple’s expense.

    I believe Apple will support Moto’s phones (the non Series 60 ones, like Rokr), Nokia Series 60 (and others who use license it from Nokia) and maybe even Windows Mobile.

    In the meantime, Nokia will continue with their other music business model offering a white label service to operators via Loudeye, and provide the service support, network interfaces, radio network, etc., to get a piece of the action. Their phones will support a player that plays MP3, MP4, Windows Media, and others. They did that deal with MS so that folks could play DRMed music from them as well.

    So, hope Apple will offer the software yesterday to Nokia Series 60 phones, but lets see.

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