Apple’s Mac OS X Security Update 2005-007 breaks 64-Bit apps, new Security Update due soon

“64-bit software users are reporting a serious problem with Apple’s security update 2005-007. Apparently the update which fixes 43 known issues with Mac OS X also breaks 64-bit applications, like Wolfram’s Mathematica,” Jason D. O’Grady reports for O’Grady’s PowerPage.

According to an email Mathematica sent to users, “Apple is investigating the problem at high priority, and intends to distribute a new Security Update in the very near future.”

Full article here.

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  1. “not an obscure app? HOW MANY PEOPLE do you personally KNOW use Mathematica?”

    Well mathematically speaking, asking one person how many people they know uses Mathematica isn’t a proper sampling of users.

    MW ‘average, as in, the average person doesn’t use Mathematica, but that doesn’t mean it’s obscure.

  2. “not an obscure app? HOW MANY PEOPLE do you personally KNOW use Mathematica?”

    When Apple has the co-founder of Wolfram Research up on stage demoing their products (Mathematica was among the apps originally demoed for OS X, optimized for the G5 and ported for Intel), it’s pretty evident that Apple is very aware of their products. You should also note that this an application that is not going to be typically used by your average neighbor, but rather high-level institutions.

  3. Not sure why this update was not adequately tested.
    i’ve also had safari issues since update 2005-007.
    Things just freeze on my iMac G5 for no apparent reason when surfing (very light processing load)…

  4. re: sin verguenza “not an obscure app? HOW MANY PEOPLE do you personally KNOW use Mathematica?”

    I personally know about 40 people that use Mathmatica, I was in a Computer Science class with them last semester at Univ. of Illinois (Urbana). The school has huge Engineering/CS departments and the corporate headquarters of Wolfram Research (makers of Mathmatica) is just a few blocks away from the quad.

    Also, if Mathmatica was a minor or obscure program, Steve Jobs would not have invited the maker of the software on stage during his speech announcing the transition to Intel chips.

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