Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to buy Apple? (also dropping the ‘pod’ from ‘podcasting’)

“Dan Farber has a great point about podcasting being a lousy name for Internet-delivered audio files. Podcasting as a moniker has been useful as a starting point for moving from a niche medium to a medium medium. Can podcasting make it to a mass medium? Yes, but alas the name may not. Podcasting as nomenclature will certainly become less and less accurate over time, beginning quite soon,” Dana Gardner blogs for ZDNet.

Gardner blogs, “To Farber’s point, we may need to soon drop the ‘pod’ part of podcasting in favor of ‘mobile’- or ‘cell’-casting. Because despite the phenomenal growth of iPods, the ultimate device for listening to podcasts will soon be cell phones. The only way the iPod will remain true to the podcasting name is if it gains wireless broadband IP support, in which case it’s a trussed up cell phone anyway. And someone other than Apple will run the network, no doubt. (Here’s a thought: News Corp. buys Apple and SkyiPod is born! Steve Jobs takes the reins from Rupert and Pixar gets a new distribution partner to boot! You read it here first.)”

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SkyiPod? How about FoxiPod? And what about Cellcasting?


  1. Yeah, News Corp. will buy Apple the same way Apple bought NeXT.

    **For those not in the know: while Apple bought NeXT on paper, but it’s widely considered that NeXT took over Apple. If this were true (which it’s not), expect the name News Corp. to go the way of Clarus the DogCow.

  2. Cell phones = digital phone, but we still call them Cell Phones.

    Kleenex = Tissues, but we say Kleenex for everything tissuey

    Vasoline = Pertroleum Jelly, but we still say Vasoline

    I think the word Podcasting might stay with us.

  3. So ya think cell phones will replace the iPod, huh? Read my lips: No iPod Cellphones.

    I’m so tired of all these pundits who think they have the inside track on THE NEXT BIG THING. Remember how they thought that subscription based music downloads were going to be the future? Last time I looked ITMS was clobbering all of them. Now they think the cell phone will replace the iPod. Nope. Here’s why.

    1. Complexity. My phone is already too complex with many features I don’t know how or even care to use.

    2. Phone Companies. These minions of the Devil will do anything they can to jack up the cost of a cell phone/iPod. I hate cell phone service providers.

    3. Too many eggs in one basket. The iPod is fantastic because it does one thing very well. My cell phone/camera can’t do either better than a dedicated device.

    4. Can’t take it everywhere. My gym has banned cell phones, which is where I most often use my iPod. And I really like going to a gym that hasn’t got droves of women yakking on cell phones.

    The idea of unifying the iPod and Cell phone is utopian and this push to marry music downloads to cell phones will fizzle out just like subscription music services.


  4. Furthermore –

    Podcasting is a good term even without an association to the ipod – as in, a pod is a small encapsulated thing (think escape pod from sci-fi)

    podcasts are small complete encapsulated bits of a broadcast.

    Good name.

  5. Rupert Murdock buying Apple ?

    <*groan*> .. now THATS a horrible thought …

    Just imagine being forced to listen to Fox News on your iPod !
    This takes propaganda to a whole new level !
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  6. Pod is not only iPod, but also it’s a detachable, self-contained unit. Current TV (Al Gore) shows four to eight minute “Pods”, and the movie 2001 made the term famous: “Open the pod bay door HAL.”

    Pod seems like the perfect expression for these podcasts.

  7. We still use horsepower for cars.
    The only way to stop these useless stories on the web is to boycott the advertisers of the offending website. Editors would fire lousy writers pretty damn quick.

  8. Anybody remember “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” where a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion? The alien invaders were PODS!!! Don’t you people get it! We are under attack. Soon there will not be any real people left, only iPeople. Don’t scream at me, I’m just the messenger.

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