Apple shares surge 4.5% in heavy NASDAQ trading

Apple shares put on $2.05, or 4.5%, to $48.15 amid bullish comments at Piper Jaffray. “Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster named the maker of Macintosh personal computers and iPod music players the firm’s ‘large-cap top pick’ for the rest of 2005. Munster said Apple’s share price may climb to the mid-$50s by the end of the year,” Bloomberg reports. “‘We expect new versions of the iPod and obviously that benefits their holiday season,’ said Munster in an interview. He said Macintosh computers have gained, on average, 0.2 percent of the global market per quarter over the last year, putting Apple on pace to exceed Wall Street estimates. The company’s September-quarter forecast of results may also understate actual performance, according to Munster.”

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  1. Microsoft shares are set to surge on news that it was actually their stellar R&D departmen tthat invented water, and they now hold the patent on it.

    In other news, for some strange reason, the world’s oceans have now been hacked and turned into bacon grease.

  2. For years, I have told people to invest in Apple. Initially, I was disregarded. Then, one person put a little money into Apple while “diversifying” with other stocks. A safe investment strategy — but not if you want to make real money. For a number of people over the past very few years, their investment in Apple at $17 a share and less, rose to split at close to $80 a share, and is rising again. The only thing that has stopped Apple from making more people rich is the limited money people have had to put into the stock. Then, of course, the question remains: when to sell? For a long time, the answer to that question has been, “Not now.”

    Analysts (and regular people) continue to make mistakes looking solely at what Apple is doing in the present. It is Apple’s history of continuing innovation that makes it such a valuable company — their unknown industry-leading future developments.

    On the other hand, are we not all buying “Steve Jobs” and not Apple? If he unexpectedly left, no one really knows who would be strong enough to take over and continue what has been so successful there. Sure, there are other good people at Apple, but are they good (and innovative) enough? From this perspective, that can make Apple very risky.

  3. For those that don’t know, shorting is essentially selling borrowed stock in hopes of later buying it at a much lower price and handing it back over to the “loaner” with interest. Lots of folks did it succesfully in Oct.~Dec. of ’97. Bad, bad idea to short aapl right now. In fact most techs, other than aapl, aren’t moving much in either direction. I don’t think shorting even Gateway or HP would do anything but lose money. They’re already low. Gotta find a stock that’s just starting to fall off a cliff. Whose got the crystal ball?

  4. “It is Apple’s history of continuing innovation that makes it such a valuable company — their unknown industry-leading future developments.”

    This is what Jim Cramer calls a best of breed stock.

  5. The “iPod patent fiasco” is much ado about nothing and investors know it. If the patent office is foolish enough to grant the patent to M$, it will be easily overturned in court. No judge is going to allow M$ to get a patent for something that Apple both invented and publicly released prior to M$’ application for the patent.

  6. As we used to say when I was younger, those who aren’t getting any talk about it the most. Those who are getting some would always stay quiet. Anyone who doesn’t have a piece of their investment portfolio in Apple appear to be those who talk about it the most here. Apple will be near a $100 by this time next year, you bet I own some.

    How can you be sold on Apple products and then chat it up so much and still not have a significant amount of your money invested? I put out similar advice here when it was $25. How may of you have any investment in the company, buy the products, promote the products and still haven’t invested? Magic word making – like in “making it”.

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