How-to run Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger on Sony Vaio laptop posted online with video

Justin Nolan of claims to have installed Apple’s Mac OS X on his Sony Vaio laptop and got it running successfully in less than twelve hours. And he’s posted instructions and videos online.

Nolan writes, “First of all, you can’t install OS X on a new partition, it needs its own drive. For this guide I’m installing it on my Sony Vaio TR2A. Since I only have one harddrive, it means I’m wiping windows and all my files in the process. You can easily follow the same steps but instead install it on a second hard drive in your PC. Here is how I have succesfully installed OS X x86 NATIVELY on my laptop!”

Nolan writes, “First of all, I think your CPU needs at LEAST sse2. For Rosetta and to get iTunes and other PowerPC apps working, you need sse3. My Vaio has a Pentuim M, so no Rosetta for me. Everything else works. I’m posting this from the OS X x86 port of Firefox.”

Full article here.

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  1. I wonder if it runs as smooth as on a G4/G5 though. And does this mean apps coded for power-pc users can’t run apps on the intel OS X? What about Office 2004 or iLife without Rosetta? Or does that come bundled? I’d hate to say this, but it sorta seems cool…though my powerbook is much sexier than that ugly vaio.

  2. All the chatter recently about Sony engineers working on Apple portables has me thinking…

    I for one, would LOVE a super-duper portable, such as some of the Viao models from Apple.

    That’s obviously got to be part of the plan. Centrino-like chipsets, long-ass battery life, super small form factor.

    The question is: What does this mean for Apple’s portable line-up?

    Will iBooks go super-small? Will PowerBooks?

    My hunch is that they’ll be introducing a new line of portables. Let’s call them MicroBooks for lack of a better term.

    PowerBooks remain Aluminum-clad, but possibly adding a 19″ or 20″ model. Maybe dropping the 12″, though I can’t really see why.

    iBooks cutting corners and being the budget model.

    And MicroBooks, let’s say at 10.5″ and 12″, super-slim, decent battery life, limited ports and some hobbled functionality (such as monitor spanning).

    I for one would buy one in a second. Keep my 17″ PB for a desktop replacement, and a MicroBook for real portability.

    Complete random armchair analysis, but that’s nothing new around these parts.

    Portables are the growth segment. I think a third line could easily fit in.

  3. “…claims to have installed Apple’s Mac OS X…in less then twelve hours”

    Why wait twelve hours? Just buy it pre-installed on a mac. Then you’d have better software AND better hardware.

  4. ROTFLMAO!! Did everyone READ the instructions? Please do, then tell me if anyone still harbors delusions that massive pirating will now take place, killing Apple’s hardware business. For cryin’ out loud, the process requires a special cracked version of the OS, a Linux CD (!!!), and entering Unix line commands before you can enter the GUI! Oh yeah, Apple’s sweatin’ bullets…

    Oh, and surprise, surprise: It looks like crap. The OS X video driver won’t fill the Vaio’s screen, leaving huge black stripes on both sides.

    Congratulations, hacker. Here’s a cookie. Now run off and play while the rest of us actually *use* OS X on our Macs.

  5. Lord Robin…

    Don’t be so tough on the guy. He’s just the thin edge of the wedge of Windows users who will migrate.

    One year from now, it will be a whole new world.

    Got MicroSoft stock?

    Short it!

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