RUMOR: New PowerBook G4s to debut at Apple Expo Paris in September [UPDATED]

“Apple Computer is believed to be prepping one final update to its PowerPC-based PowerBook G4 product line that could be unveiled at the end of next month, AppleInsider has learned,” Kasper Jade and Katie Marsal report for AppleInsider. “Reliable sources say the PowerBook update is slated for an introduction during the third week of September at Apple Expo Paris, but has recently fallen into a rut that could force a delay or even cause the company to scrap the revision entirely.”

Jade and Marsal report that the new PowerBooks are expected to gain a 300MHz speed boost that would put the 17-inch model at or near 2GHz [currently, Apple PowerBooks top out at 1.67GHz] and that at least one of the two new models will also gain a higher resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) WUXGA display.

[UPDATE: 8/12, 11:15am ET: AppleInsider has revised their original report without noting the revision to state, “At the high-end, the new PowerBooks are expected to gain a mere 30MHz speed boost that would put the 15-inch and 17-inch models at 1.7GHz.”]

AppleInsider also reports that Apple may be planning to abandon its 12-inch PowerBook offering.

More details in the full report here.

MacDailyNews Note: There has been no official announcement from either Apple Computer or Apple Expo that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be the keynote speaker. No keynote speaker has yet been named.

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  1. dropping the 12″ line doesn’t make sense.

    There is quite a market demand for those smaller PBs. Even if people end up buying the 15″, I think many PB owners are drawn by the allure of the 12″. I know my wife and her friends all think it’s the best PB made.

    MDN: Property

  2. The 12″ PowerBook is the best laptop in the world. Apple would be crazy to drop it. Three of my friends have bought one since I got one in summer 2004. It’s the best size to go anywhere with.

    I plead with Apple to continue making the 12″ PowerBook!!

  3. Right now there is almost no reason to buy the 12″ PowerBook over the 12″ iBook. There are virtually identical computers (except that the iBook gets better battery life and better wireless reception). One is just much more affordable. Thats why they might drop the 12″ PowerBook. To keep it around they need to kick up its specks quite a bit to justify its price point.

  4. Um, AI updated their article to correct the GHz error. It’s a 30 MHz increase, not 333. So the new PowerBooks are rumored to run at 1.7 GHz (compared to the current 1.67 GHz). Not a big deal, until you also compare the other differences.

  5. Right now there is almost no reason to buy the 12″ PowerBook over the 12″ iBook.

    Well, I suppose if I had a PPC iBook I could hack the open firmware to enable monitor spanning… But both of our 12″ PowerBooks connect to 20″ DVI displays at home. The 12″ screens are useable/functional on the road, but in the studio we need some graphics real estate to be productive.

    If all you’re doing is IM/email/surfing then I suppose a 12″ or 14″ iBook would suffice…

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