Apple releases PowerBook G4 Graphics Update 1.0

Apple today released “PowerBook G4 Graphics Update 1.0” which improves graphics stability for some 1.67-GHz PowerBook G4 computers.

This update is recommended for the following PowerBook G4 computers:
– PowerBook G4 (15-inch, 1.67 GHz)
– PowerBook G4 (17-inch, 1.67 GHz)

The installer guides you through the steps to install the PowerBook G4 Graphics Update 1.0.

Installation of the PowerBook G4 Graphics Update requires Mac OS X 10.4.2.

More info and download link (2.1MB) here.


  1. This update totally fixed my graphics glitch on my 1.67GHz PBG4 15″ – weird momentary (usually) graphics distortions which would occur whenever waking from sleep or plugging in or removing the AC cord. The problem only occurred btw. after getting my MLB replaced when the 2nd RAM slot was no longer recognized.

    I had assumed the Mac Genius put a defective, refurbished logic board in my machine. (I had previously been told by another Apple Mac Genius that they often get refurbished parts instead of new ones, and that the refurbished logic boards were found to be defective more often than not (increasing their “Repeat Repairs” and lowering their “Customer Satisfaction”.

    So anyway, I’m glad to keep my machine as I loathe to part with it again. So thanks, Apple Engineers who sussed and solved this. I’m impressed! And relieved!

  2. I get a wierd distorted image whenever a select multiple pictures in spotlight to view as a slideshow on my 1.42 Mac Mini. I keep closing out the slideshow and relaunching and eventually it works… wonder if this is a related issue.

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