Dress your baby like an Apple iPod

Now you can dress your baby like an Apple iPod. At the” iPod My Baby” website, you can order a pink, blue, or white baby “onesie” emblazoned with the signature iPod scroll wheel “because the only thing cuter than a baby, is an iPodified baby.”

The onesies are 100 percent cotton, come in three sizes and cost $15.95 and “each is equipped with a touch sensitive scroll wheel; responsive to your every nudge, tickle and squeeze.”

More info here.
Need any additional evidence that Apple’s iPod has achieved icon status?


  1. All you guys freaking out, LIGHTEN UP!! ha. haha. obviously those of you all tense don’t have babies, or wifes that like to shop for babies MORETHANANYTHINGELSEONEARTH…oops, did I say that out loud?
    MW:years – in a few years it’ll all be better (yeah right)

  2. “Now we can prostitute our children for commercialism.”

    Where have you been for the last 20 years? The baby boomers in this country ahve been doing that to Gen X and Gen Y for decades now.

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