Dress your baby like an Apple iPod

Now you can dress your baby like an Apple iPod. At the” iPod My Baby” website, you can order a pink, blue, or white baby “onesie” emblazoned with the signature iPod scroll wheel “because the only thing cuter than a baby, is an iPodified baby.”

The onesies are 100 percent cotton, come in three sizes and cost $15.95 and “each is equipped with a touch sensitive scroll wheel; responsive to your every nudge, tickle and squeeze.”

More info here.
Need any additional evidence that Apple’s iPod has achieved icon status?


  1. Is this necessary? Uh, happy wife — happy life!

    Is it cute? See answer #1.

    Will it sell, any? See answer #2.

    People having a fit at 9:30 in the morning over something like this, need to get off the Starbucks.

    Get Off The Coff, Man!

    When you’ve had a chance to ‘Simmer Down, Now’, maybe quit your capitalistic jobs and go on welfare. No commercialism for you, brother!

    Then, you’ll have lots of time to go for Coff. Yeah, maybe you really need to go for Coff.

  2. If this was a newspaper I’d use this page to wrap up the rubbish. Never again do I want to see people who only write “First post” flamed. Not after this waste of space. And ron is right…”Only in America”. With respect to sane Americans (such as my wife).

  3. Commercial, cute, whatever, but… 16 bucks for a single onesie, that’s outrageous.

    Those things cost 2 Euros for a 5-pack where I’m from. Anyone buying one of these has money to burn… then again, they would be iPod owners, so that fact was already established 😀

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