Dress your baby like an Apple iPod

Now you can dress your baby like an Apple iPod. At the” iPod My Baby” website, you can order a pink, blue, or white baby “onesie” emblazoned with the signature iPod scroll wheel “because the only thing cuter than a baby, is an iPodified baby.”

The onesies are 100 percent cotton, come in three sizes and cost $15.95 and “each is equipped with a touch sensitive scroll wheel; responsive to your every nudge, tickle and squeeze.”

More info here.
Need any additional evidence that Apple’s iPod has achieved icon status?


  1. I propose that the baby should have electrodes linked to the vocal chords, electrodes that control the volume of a baby’s cries. This allows the iPod controls to be able to regulate the baby’s noise levels.

    This is what would happen if Apple took over America and imposed a minimalist fascist nation.

  2. This has gone far enough.

    I liked the good fight like everyone else. Apple makes good technology that deserves recognition, deserves a place in the home as well as the enterprise as much as anything built by the old Wintel hegemony, however this has gone far enough. I want it stopped. I want it stopped right now. I don’t want to see babies dressed like Apple iPods. I don’t want to see another “Scholarly Article on Apple’s Mouse.” It’s just a mouse. This has all gone too far.

    What’s next Mac Eye for the PC Guy?

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