Dr. Mac: ‘Mighty Mouse is the finest mouse Apple has ever produced’

“Apple is touting its new Mighty Mouse as the first multibutton mouse that retains the simplicity of one with a single button. I got mine the day they were introduced and have been using it exclusively. I have to agree,” Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus writes for The Houston Chronicle. “All four ‘buttons’ are easily programmed to click, Control-click (to display the contextual menu), provide access to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger features or to launch any program.”

“What I like best about Mighty Mouse is its scroll ball, which is sort of like a traditional scroll wheel, but better. It’s a tiny orb that offers vertical, horizontal and diagonal scrolling with a flick of your finger,” Levitus writes. “It’s fast, precise, easy to get used to and by far the best scrolling mechanism I’ve tried. It’s superb for working with large documents in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and iPhoto.”

Levitus has a couple of “minor quibbles,” but writes that, “Mighty Mouse is the finest mouse Apple has ever produced. Spend a few hours with one and you’ll never want to use an archaic single-button mouse again.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been using the Mighty Mouse since the day it was introduced and, besides having to use MouseZoom to increase the tracking speed beyond what Apple’s Mouse System Pref allows, the only other thing we wish is that the mouse had a “pebbled” surface to reduce its slipperiness that increases with use. At least we’ll always have clean mice; we’re finding that we have to Windex them almost daily.

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  1. What a leap for the author to declare the far-and-away-more-functional multi-button roll-wheel mouse superior to the archaic single squeeker Apple has tried to force us to ‘love’ for nearly two decades.

    Now, when will Apple do away with shipping single button mice completely (and give us a blue tooth version)?

    MDN: name

  2. I got one, and returned it. I am addicted to the forward and back buttons on my mouse and couldnt live without them. Apple needs to make an ergonomic version of the mighty mouse, with forward and back buttons and ill be all set to switch.

  3. PeaPod said:
    “Are we going to have another ‘chick fight’ about this mouse article too. I think MDN just likes to watch.”

    I’ve booked tickets ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. “Its fine if some people like this thing, but the world did NOT need yet another kind of mouse to choose from.

    The kinds already out there were just fine.”

    And you can still choose between them. It’s not like Apple puts a gun to your head and forces you to use their mouse.

  5. Regardless of my opinion of this mouse, it’s going to please some of the people. Even the puck pleased some of the people. So some people are quite rightly going to love it even though it pretty much sucks.

    I do think the comment that “ I am addicted to the forward and back buttons on my mouse and couldnt live without them. Apple needs to make an ergonomic version of the mighty mouse, with forward and back buttons and ill be all set to switch, does strike me as odd. Basically Emax wants exactly the same mouse as he/she already has, but made by Apple. Well, newsflash!: You already have a mouse you like, you didn’t even need to try the mighty mouse!

    I think actually what’s needed is for Apple to back off on the mouse design, because they’re really not very good at it. They should get Logitech and a few others to make a clean looking white version of their mice. A Mac friendly version, so that people can pick the right mouse and have it look OK on their desk, rather than have something that looks out of place or something that looks great but is compromised (in terms of personal ergonomics and/or functions).

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