Telestream Flip4Mac adds Windows Media Encoding support for Apple Compressor 2

Telestream, the provider of Flip4Mac digital media tools for the Macintosh, today announced release of Flip4Mac WMV Studio Version 1.0.6 which adds Windows Media encoding support for Apple Compressor 2. Flip4Mac WMV products are comprised of QuickTime components which enable Macintosh OS X users to make, edit and play Windows Media from within their favorite QuickTime-based applications. For Apple Compressor users, the Flip4Mac WMV Studio update provides, for the first time, batch encoding of Windows Media files on the Mac. In addition, the newly released Flip4Mac WMV Player Version 1.0.2 adds compatibility with more Windows Media on the Web.

“Our goal has been to expand our Windows Media support to any QuickTime-based application, and support for Compressor is key to reaching that goal,” said Barbara DeHart, Telestream’s Flip4Mac program manager in the press release. “We recognize the popularity of Compressor as a compression tool and Windows Media as a streaming format, and we are pleased to provide the encoding capability that brings these two together.”

The ability to export Windows Media 9 standard definition and high definition content directly from within Compressor 2 simplifies multiformat content creation for Final Cut Pro users. Compressor 2 is a video and audio compression application that gives Final Cut Pro users control over encoding. This includes the ability to encode several clips in one batch operation to a wide variety of formats and perform advanced format conversions at the same time. Flip4Mac eliminates the platform challenge and the many steps previously required to create Windows Media, including exporting the file, moving it to a PC, and then encoding it using another software application.

“Windows Media support is essential for most content creators because it’s the defacto standard on PCs,” said industry commentator and Final Cut Pro expert Philip Hodgetts in the press release. “Flip4Mac support for encoding direct from Compressor 2 simplifies the workflow and gives me more time to concentrate on the creative aspects of the craft. Having batch processing support, with the pre-processing functions of Compressor 2, just simplifies my life.”

Support for Compressor 2 is now available in Flip4Mac WMV Studio and WMV Studio Pro Version 1.0.6. Compatibility with more Windows Media Web content is now available in Flip4Mac WMV Player and WMV Player Pro Version 1.0.2, as well as in WMV Studio and WMV Studio Pro v1.0.6. Flip4Mac products are available for immediate online purchase at . Existing Flip4Mac WMV Studio/Studio Pro and Player/Player Pro customers may download free upgrades from the Web at

More info about Flip4Mac:

More info about Apple’s Compressor 2:


  1. Not sure why anyone would want to encode files in Windows Media when QT and RealPlayer are long-standing options … and superior, too.

    MDN Magic Word: might … as in, I MIGHT buy it if someone can show me a good reason to.

  2. This brings things closer to Macs supporting Windows Media fully. Not sure why Microsoft has been so resistent to supporting that family of formats on the Mac. Not my first choice of formats, but at least the Macs are starting to get support.

  3. Look for full Windows Media playback (included protected content) on the Mac starting next year.

    It just occurred to me that part of the reason why it’s not currently ported is the different “endian” characteristics of the processors between Macs and PCs. With Macs going Intel, Microsoft will have an easier time doing the porting.

  4. That is sad if anyone would need to use this. Just save it as Quicktime and have them go download the FREE quicktime player and get better quality without spending money on this and wasting time exporting it twice.

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