Report: 5th-gen iPod to use Apple-branded Click Wheel; may feature ‘user-replaceable battery’

“When Apple Computer introduces new versions of its original iPod digital music player later this year, expect them to sport more home-grown components such as an Apple-branded scroll-wheel,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “Since forming a division of the company to focus specifically on iPods, sources say that iPod engineers have increased their efforts not only on broadening the line of digital music players, but also on reducing component outsourcing to maintain tighter control of the company’s intellectual property.”

“In working to develop some of its own component solutions — rather than continue to license them from others — Apple hopes to gain more control over the iPod and shave costs at the same time. These costs saving measures are likely to be reflected in slightly higher margins for Apple and lower iPod costs for the end consumer,” Jade reports. “The iPod’s navigational controls will be one of the first components to see such changes, sources have told AppleInsider. By October, Apple is expected to abandon Synaptics as its supplier of iPod scroll-wheels for its white iPods in favor of an in-house solution.”

Jade also reports that Apple is “developing an iPod that supports user-replaceable batteries.” More information in the full article here.

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  1. It’s good to see a company that listens to its customers. I think Apple is more responsive now than it has ever been. No way Microsoft has ever been this responsive or ever will be.

    Customer complaints: Apple’s solution

    iPod is too big: iPod Mini
    No small flash iPod: shuffle
    No color screen/photo support: iPod photo/color
    No cheap Mac: Mac mini
    No multi-button mouse: Mighty Mouse
    Old OS: OS 9 -> OS X
    Macs are slow: Intel procs soon
    No software: iLife, iWork, Final Cut, etc and new OS X apps everyday from other companies

  2. I want Bluetooth in my head, that way when I think up mindless posts to make on MDN I can jsut think them and they will magically appear.

    And I second the request for more Macromedia news. I just can’t get enough of that. Especially now that I own all the Studio apps and can’t wait to see how Adobe is going to bastardize the product line. If we’re voting, can we vote for them to kill GoLive and continue with Dreamweaver?

    For that matter, they could kill Illustrator for all I care. Freehand never crashed as much as Illustrator does.

  3. no kidding… they mean:
    lower COSTS for Apple.
    More PROFIT for Apple.
    and Drop the iPod 50$ (as the technology becomes cheaper) so as to create the illusion of dropped prices.

    ipods are cash cows.

    They’ll milk you until you stop producing.

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