Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger a must-have upgrade for anyone that owns a Mac

“Microsoft takes several years to produce each new version of Windows, but Apple likes to upgrade its Mac OS X software on an almost yearly basis. Version 10.4, also known as ‘Tiger’, is one of the biggest updates so far, with around 200 new features. A lot of these are rather obscure technical changes, though, so Apple is putting most of its focus on a handful of really eye-catching new characteristics,” Cliff Joseph writes for Computeract!ve.

“The feature that Apple seems to be most pleased with is Spotlight. This is a powerful new hard disk search tool that can not only locate files with a particular name, but can search the actual content of the files,” Joseph writes.

“However, our personal favourite is The Automator [sic], a kind of very basic programming tool. It provides you with a list of predefined ‘actions’ that can be used to control programs such as iTunes or the Mac’s iMovie video editor,” Joseph writes. “It’s a great timesaver for routine, repetitive tasks, and you don’t have to be skilled to use it. You can also download new ‘actions’ from the internet to control other programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.”

Joseph covers Safari RSS, Dashboard, and more, concluding, “We’ve had our doubts about some of the previous upgrades to OS X, but Tiger suggests that Apple is really hitting its stride right now, and we can definitely recommend it as a ‘must have’ upgrade for anyone that owns a Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This article is a good reminder about Automator.
More info about Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger “Automator” here:
Find Automator Actions here:

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  1. When saving this article as a PDF to my local drive, it will be easy to find using Spotlight since all I’ll have to do is enter the words “painfully” and “obvious” to find it.

    MW ‘second’ as in, I didn’t give it a second though when deciding to upgrade to Tiger.

  2. What I like about many of the products that Apple has brought out the past couple of years, is that they include a plethora of accessories – a bunch of additions, essentially.

    The iPod needs no introduction – there are literally hundreds of different cases/FM receivers, etc.

    Dashboard has over 1000 widgets available now, and I’m always finding myself seeing which new widgets are available (Many people say they’re absolutely useless, but damn, there are a lot of cool and fun ones out there, you gotta admit!)

    Now with Automator, people can submit their own actions. Haven’t tried it out, but I haven’t been to adventurous with with Automator either.

    And now Podcasting has a whole assault of people joining in. Again, literally thousands of podcasts are available. I’ve noticed that the products that journalists and even pundits hail Apple for, are the ones that people can “personalize” or leave their mark on, with that essential Apple Touch® bolted on.

    What do you guys think?

  3. While I think that Tiger is an awesome upgrade, Dashboard is still second to Expose. I didn’t know what a dream Expose is until I had to start using a Dell at work without it. Unthinkable now.

    Key things about Tiger that I can’t live without…

    -The built in dictionary (CMD-CTRL-D) on Safari and Mail, and probably other programs I haven’t tried yet.

    -RSS feeds via Safari. I didn’t realize how much this really simplifies surfing the web for new stories. I no longer have to visit tons of websites with their crappy ads and slipshod design. And, I can search. The only problem is that sometimes I wish the feeds were customizable from the USER standpoint instead of the website designer.

    -A ton of other things I can’t remember.

    MW: Needed, as in we needed these upgrades.

  4. ‘Annual upgrades’ is a different payment model than M$ currently use – but even they have discussed OS ‘rental’ – this is just more ‘voluntary’ than enforced and as long as the new tweaks seem value for money, the crowds will cotiue to cough-up for the changes.

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