Report: Apple CEO Steve Jobs to debut iTunes Music Store Japan ‘in a matter of hours’

“Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs will be on hand in Tokyo today to formally introduce a Japanese version of the company’s industry leading iTunes Music Store,” AppleInsider reports. “Jobs is slated to kick-off a special music event at 10:00 am at the Tokyo International Forum– just a matter of hours from now…”

Full article here.

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  1. errr .. sure as shootin’, somebody’s gonna accuse me of lying, but I swear to god … the Rolling Stones are singing in French in my iTMS here in Quebec.

    I need drugs. Strong ones. Anybody gonna help me?lolololololahahahehelololo

  2. just to put this in perspective.. about 127 million people.. this isn’t as huge as the Europe stores.. but still… it’s big… and some would argue.. a better market cuz music is so expensive..

    (I live in Canada.. everywhere is expensive compared to here)

  3. “The Music Store now has The Stones? Gulp … Ayowwwww! I’m soiling my pants!”

    If you are using the US store, the Stones have been on there for quite a while. Except for some reason they refuse to add the studio version of Gimme Shelter.

  4. It’s UP! 150 yen per song. A little higher price than the US but not TOO bad. I think I will sign up in my wifes name for this one since I am already signed up for the US one in mine.

    I hope Steve hangs around for the Shibuya Store Opening. I would bet that he does and I would really like to meet him.

  5. This will finally add the third pillar to the iPod, iTunes, ITMS trifecta. Just what they needed to have sales take off. I see a lot of iPods but also a lot of other kinds of players on people walking about the town. (All of the rival ones now have white earphones too- go figure)

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