Motorola ROKR Apple iTunes phone to offer as much storage ‘as the average home computer’ by 2007

“Expect to see the iTunes mobile phone from Motorola before the end of September. The release, presumably simultaneous around the world, was foreshadowed in Chicago last week by Ed Zander, Motorola’s chief executive, during the company’s annual bash for IT industry analysts,” Garry Barker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Originally, the Motorola Rokr, as the iTunes phone is called, was expected in March. It was delayed, apparently because some of the big US mobile phone networks thought they ought to get a piece of the download action,” Barker writes. “The Rokr, which is based on the platform used for the successful super-slim Razr phone – purportedly the most desirable phone in Australia – does not download songs from the air. You connect it to your Mac in the same way as an iPod and store songs in the phone’s memory. For the moment this is fairly small, but according to Mr. Zander by 2007 a phone will have at least as much memory as the average home computer.”

Barker writes, “Mr. Zander said the iTunes phone was ‘way out in front’ of its rivals. ‘Nobody will have the compelling user experience we will have,’ he said. Nokia and Sony may dispute that, saying direct downloads to the phone beats going by way of the computer, but there is support for Mr Zander’s view. One of the problems is multiple use of downloaded songs. From a computer, a user can hear them on a phone, in the house, the car and legally burn a CD. Doing it from a mobile might be clunkier. What this will do to iPod sales has yet to be seen. Apple seems confident the iPod has plenty of surge left yet but as mobiles become more capable, things must flatten out and Apple must find another magic wand. Will it be a seamlessly connectable mobile device?”

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  1. I just signed up for another 2 year with Sprint for my phone.

    I really like my phone because frankly, it works.

    But I might be interested in this phone, but I don’t think that Motorola phones are supported by Sprint, are they?

    MDNW: Vagina
    as in: San Diego is German for a Whale’s Vagina

  2. MP3 players will never go away…there are some places you just don’t want to take your phone: working out, yard work, etc.

    This new “iTunes” phone will be the same thing – phones and pdas made sense, but a conversion over to a phone/pda/mp3 player will not be an mp3 player killer – it may slow sales, but it won’t kill it off.

  3. …there is a combo device that stores 40 GB of music, that only needs to be recharged every 2 days, and gets great reception, and is under $200, I’ll get one. Until then, I’m carrying one of each.

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    If you’d been smarter, you’d have left the criminals in England and moved the honest folk to Australia.

    So buggar off, I’ve gotta go eat me a Vegemite sandwich.

    ps you no longer need a criminal record to get into Australia these days.

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