AP: Microsoft’s ‘insanely late’ Windows Vista has Apple ‘Mac-like look and feel’

“Known for years by the code name ‘Longhorn,’ the successor to Microsoft’s Windows XP has been dubbed ‘Longwait’ for its numerous delays. As features have been announced, it’s also been accused of copying of Apple Computer Inc.’s Mac OS X,” Matthew Fordahl reports for The Associated Press. “And that was before most people had the chance to see — let alone use — what’s now been christened Windows Vista. Microsoft finally took some of the wraps off last week, releasing Vista’s first major test version to about 500,000 programmers and tech professionals.”

“Yes, it does have more of a Mac-like look and feel. And, yes, it’s insanely late. But it also gives users hope that some of Windows’ most serious annoyances and dangers might be mitigated just in time for the holidays of 2006, when the final version is expected to be out,” Fordahl reports.

Fordahl describes Windows Vaper, er Vista’s search capabilities and writes, “Mac fans are probably screaming. Yes, this is very similar to the Spotlight function in the recent update of Mac OS X. At this stage of development, Vista does bear a significant resemblance. “

“Mac lovers are also likely to fume once they see Vista’s graphics. Green progress bars shimmer. The Minimize-Maximize-Close buttons look something like glowing Chicklets when moused over. Each window has a drop shadow while borders and title bars are slightly transparent. Folder icons now show the documents inside, such as a very small picture thumbnail for an image file. The icons also can be enlarged,” Fordahl writes. “Finally, when a program is launched, its window doesn’t just appear but pops open in a slick animation. When minimized, the window slides into the taskbar. It remains to be seen whether the graphics capabilities will be turned into something more than eye candy. Apple has made great strides on this front, particularly with a technology called Expose that quickly tiles open windows with one key press.”

Fordahl explains Microsoft’s challenge is to maintain “backwards compatibility” with previous Windows versions writes that if Microsoft fails to adequately address this issue, “there could be a revolt at the same time that Apple — for once copying the Windows PC industry — builds Intel Corp. processors into its computers and updates Mac OS X yet again. Though Microsoft is largely thought to have won the PC war, the biggest battle might just take place in 2006.”

Full article, with more details and promises from Microsoft of greater security (didn’t they promise that with Windows XP?), in the full aritcle here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll take “insanely great” over “insanely late” any day of the week. You knew that was coming didn’t you?

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  1. Interesting that the mainstream media is finally clueing in to the obvious rip offs of the Macintosh platform by Bill “Sour Grapes” Gates and crew over at M$.

    The M$ will make the usual wholesale rips of the Mac and water it down the way they always do like a cheap Zen Micro compared to an Apple iPod.

    My money is on iCon especially now that Apple will be on Intel and we have Mighty Mouse that has come to, ah “save the day”.

    Rock on Steve!

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  2. “Insanely late”. LOL!!! How fitting from the house of Ballmer and Windows.

    The general rule in any product is, when it’s over-hyped, over-promised, and years late, it’ll be a spectacular flop. Longhorn/Vista is a black hole that’d make even the US government blush.

    Forget the eye candy, anyone can do transparencies and jelly buttons (only Apple can put it all smoothly together, but that’s another subject). We’ll see how Vista delivers in areas that can’t be copied: security, stability, and user satisfaction.

    Heh, MW “problems”. Good luck, MS, people are expecting perfection.

  3. You all will be surprised that unfortunately Windows users will be impressed with the new Vista.
    They don´t know Mac or its OS and will pleased with all this new Mac-like features.

    “Uh martha why switch to that apple thing when theres is just like our new windows vista????”

    Ballmer and Gates will be spinning the heck out of the Apple stole all our ideas ruse.

  4. According to the article…
    –Password protection for the installation of apps/exec files was turned off by default in “Vista”, BUT
    –Password protection WAS required for changing the clock or accessibility settings!

    LOL!!!!! HA HA HA HA…

    Boys and girls, we have nothing to fear from Microshit.


  5. One of the many things I like about Windows XP (and I fully expect LongWait to continue with similar behavior):

    I open MyComputer. I see a folder named Shared Documents. I open it and choose a folder (XYZ) within Shared Documents and make a copy of it. It inherits the name “Copy of XYZ”. I don’t want that so I change it. When I click off into white space to end my edit, I see the name switch back to Copy of XYZ. I try again. This time when I click off into white space to end my edit, I get an error message with a title of “Error Renaming File or Folder”, and the message is “Cannot rename file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.” Uh-oh, this is bad, right? I must have a failing hard drive or something. Anyway, I click OK, and I see that my folder still has its old name like the message implies. OK, so now I close the Shared Documents folder (which, by the way, isn’t named Shared Documents in the Address bar of its window – it’s simply “Documents”), and then open it up again. And lo and behold, the folder I renamed DID get renamed!

    I want Sputnik to tell me what in the “real IT world” is going on.

    (To add even more confusion to this insanely insane OS, this copy & rename quirk doesn’t happen to all folders I do this to, just some.)

  6. Who cares if MS copies from Apple? If MS does nothing but copy, they will always be behind the times, because Apple is a moving target. Always innovating, updating and giving its users what they want. I’m glad I use a Mac, and I’ll leave Windows to Windows users. Its their choice.

  7. expect Apple to release 11.0 when it finally starts to release Intel Macs,
    and the possibility of a chage from cats to something else.

    11.0 will run on current Mac’s, but will be so new that they’ll have to name it a big number increase.

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