Apple’s new ‘Mighty Mouse’ provides audio feedback for clicking and scrolling

Thanks to a smooth top shell with touch-sensitive technology beneath, Apple Computer’s new “Mighty Mouse” allows you to right click without a right button. Capacitive sensors under Mighty Mouse’s seamless top shell detect where your fingers are and predict your clicking intentions, so you don’t need two buttons — just two fingers. Click on the left side to use Mighty Mouse in its simplest, single-button form. Click on the right to access contextual menus within applications and edit, copy, label or download from your mouse.

But what about feedback for the user? How do you knoe if you’ve just clicked a seamless capacitive sensor contained underneath the smooth shell of the “Mighty Mouse?”

Apple explains that the “Mighty Mouse” provides audio feedback that’s built right into “Mighty Mouse” with a tiny speaker inside that produces button-clicking and Scroll Ball-rolling sound effects. Only Apple would spend so much time and thought building a mouse that works seamlessly with the world’s most advanced operating system.

Find out more about Apple’s “Mighty Mouse” design here.

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  1. Its easy, you hold somthing back and tell people they cant have it, its special, or they dont need it, they want it more.

    Try telling your kids they cant have carrots before dinner, see how much they whine to get them. Of course as long as they are not already getting chips or candy

  2. As I understand it:

    1. The whole mouse body is a button, as with previous mice. The sensors under your fingertips tell the mouse where your fingers are, so it knows if you want a right click or a left click.

    2. The scroll ball doesn’t really roll, but senses the force you apply to it. So you don’t have to clean it out.

    Maybe somebody who actually has one of these little beasts can verify these.

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