Microsoft’s Windows Vista will attempt to incorporate many features from Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger

“When Windows Vista ships in late 2006, Windows will mimic many features of Apple’s Tiger and go beyond it. But while Microsoft introduces the world to Vista, Apple is keeping mum about its next version of Mac OS X, which Steve Jobs has said will ship at about the same time as Vista. It is the Intel-ready Leopard, not Tiger, that will be Apple’s answer to Windows Vista,” John Rizzo writes for eWeek.

“With the first Vista beta, Microsoft seems to have taken many cues from Mac OS X with the user interface and features, right down to some of the terminology. Even some of Vista’s icons are amazingly similar to those in Tiger. For instance, there’s the interface names, Apple’s Aqua and Microsoft’s Aero,” Rizzo writes. “In Vista, ‘My Documents’ and ‘My Computer’ are now ‘Computer’ and ‘Documents,’ as they are in Mac OS X. The search icon in the Vista beta is almost identical to Tiger’s Spotlight icon, except that the magnifying glass turns the other way. Vista buttons and other interface details have a shiny bulbous look similar to those in Mac OS X.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rizzo’s article contains mistakes, for example, “The Vista icons are scalable to different sizes, but can scale up to 128 by 128 pixels, compared to 64 by 64 in Tiger.” Tiger’s icons can scale up to 128 x 128 pixels (since Mac OS X beta, no less, which debuted in September 2000). Rizzo’s contention that Vista will be more secure than Mac OS X is somewhat laughable at this early “Vaporous Vista” juncture. Sorry, but Microsoft has a long way to go on the security front before anyone will swallow that line. Rizzo seems pretty ecstatic that Vista icons will have thumbnails of the actual document, but fails to mention that in Mac OS X’s Column view, clicking on a document will automatically show its thumbnail view just as Vista is supposed to do in late 2006 (or use Get Info on a document). We’re sure you’ll be able to find more errors, but it’s an interesting article that highlights how hope springs eternal in the Windows camp that someday Windows will be able to adequately replicate what Apple Mac had years ago. The part about Mac OS X Leopard vs. Windows Vista is also somewhat interesting.

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  1. yep… heave to agree. after finally reading the article, this person lacks any tech industry insight. there are numerous errors both on the mac and pc side. they did no research. looks like 3 articles plagarized into one and messed up the data.

    what a boob.

  2. Vista security is better than Tiger?

    In Tiger, under “sharing”, ‘firewall”, clicking on the “advanced” tab shows:

    -Enable Stealth Mode-
    “Ensures that any uninvited traffic receives no response — not even an acknowledgment that your computer exits.

    Stealth technology, baby!

  3. One of the stupidest things with all these articles is that even if Vista is as good as the Microsoft hype and it does have all the things in it that are listed in this article and they are better than the Tiger equivalent – they are still comparing Vista to Tiger!

    Tiger will be 18 months or so old by the time Vista is stillborn, it’s like comparing Tiger to Panther, or (Microsoft’s massive release gap withstanding) Vista to XP, it’s stupid. They won’t be competing products, they’re different generations and even then any supposed differences are minimal!

    Apple’s Tiger beats Microsoft’s XP now! Vista might just possibly beat Tiger then (at a real, real push if the wind is in the right direction and you squint). Does anyone think that Leopard won’t beat Vista hands down?

  4. “Microsoft is also promising the ability to access applications and desktops over the Internet without a virtual private network.”

    How wonderful! Imagine all the fun this will cause…

  5. There is some excellent “Talkback” following the pitiful article. Have a read, and add a remark! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN Magic Word: “There” … as in “so there”!

  6. John Rizzo should be forced to preface his articles with a warning: “John Rizzo is a hack that knows nothing about technology. His columns are written for entertainment purposes only.”

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