Henrico moves $50 Apple iBook sale to Richmond International Raceway due overwhelming demand

“One man says he’s flying from California to buy a $50 laptop, and a story about a group of Germans hopping the pond has circulated for days. In fact, response to Henrico County’s $50 Apple iBook sale has been so overwhelming that school officials are moving the Aug. 9 sale to the Richmond International Raceway, which offers more space, parking and security than an earlier-announced site. The main gate will open at 7 a.m., and the sale starts at 9 a.m.,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. “Overnight parking and camping will be prohibited.”

“The laptops will go on sale for $50 on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s a one-per-person limit and only cash or checks will be accepted. The PowerPC 750s are white and feature a 12-inch screen, 320 megabytes of memory, Mac OS 10.2.8 and AppleWorks 6.2.9.,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, if so many people want the iBooks and are willing to go to such lengths to get them, maybe the Henrico rubes should’ve kept them?

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  1. I think the only people who wanted to get rid of the iBooks were the school districts board members that probably got paid off somehow. I really doubt that the students or the teachers had anything to do with it. I’ve actually never seen anything printed about how the students and teachers view this whole thing. Did they have any say whether they should keep the iBooks or get rid of them? Probably not. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”mad” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Man, I wish I was a mouse in the school board room. I would love to hear their reactions and what they are saying among themselves.

    They’ve GOTTA be getting a clue they are being total idiots. This will just be hammered home to them over the following years as they find themselves spending more and more on IT to clean the kludge out of the Dells and have more and more downtime. They have NO IDEA how good they had it with the Apples.

  3. 2009: Henrico county plans to repeat successful resale of used laptops in 2005. Again they plan to rent Richmond International Raceway for the sales. They will be auctioning off Dell laptops.

    Day after the sales: Average sales price for used Dell laptops were $20. They failed to sell over half the units. They are scheduling another sales event next week…. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Flying in from Germany or even California to buy an “as-is” laptop is foolish. They’re not going to let everyone boot them up and take them for test drives – they’re going to be tossing them out like Mardi Gras beads…

    How foolish would you feel if you flew in from Berlin and paid fifty bucks for little Skeeter’s iBook that he’s been using to prop up his skateboard ramp for the last two years.

  5. How many students & Faculty BOUGHT their Mac Laptops? The units for sale are what was left over. I would say Henrico County SB really screwed up on this one.

  6. Dell must have offered one sweet deal! Too bad it will take less than 40 minutes to go sour. Isn’t that the average length of time to get a virus on a WinDell. (Probably even less time than that!)

  7. I repeat.
    Typical government workers. No concern for money, because they’ve never had to live in the real world, just slurp some more out of the public trough. Jokers, every one of them. The administrator could have put them all on eBay with a hundred dollar start bid. But no, they’ll probably pay 20 or more people, DOUBLE TIME to collect the $50 from hundreds of eager buyers. Dorks, all of them ( school board).

  8. The original lot for the iBook program was around 24,000 units to students and teaching staff.

    They are selling 1000 remaining units. So the students and teaching staff at Henrico probably still have 23,000 units around.

    I wonder how much those Dells will be truly actually used, or used just to transfer the files to the iBook at home, do the homework, and transfer the result back to the Dell to show in the classroom.

  9. Such a shame to get rid of such great macs. Oh well shows the educational system of the US promotes stupidity. The president must be so proud that he is so smart compared to the rest.

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