Apple Computer and The Beatles’ AppleCorp should stop fighting in court and work together instead

“The first time I heard that the Beatles’ AppleCorp had sued Apple Computer, Inc. back in 1981 over the ‘Apple’ name, it stung. Then when AppleCorp and Apple Computer settled another lawsuit in 1989, I was somewhat disappointed that the Beatles felt entitled to additional financial compensation from Apple Computer. And now that AppleCorp is planning to take Apple Computer back to court for a third time, I am absolutely outraged,” Ben Hampton writes for

“Greed is a nasty and insidious thing, and the image of my beloved Beatles, in league with a pack of self-serving, carnivorous attorneys just doesn’t sit well with my philosophy of life — a philosophy the Beatles, themselves, helped me to forge through the lyrics of their eternal music. It is really difficult for me to admit that the two Apples have already met in court on two prior occasions, but I cannot help but hold onto the hope that a third court appearance, simply for the sake of making rich attorneys richer, can be avoided,” Hampton writes. “To this end, I have a proposal. I have no idea how this proposal might ever reach the interested parties, but if this article does happen to get published on the internet, who knows where it might end up. If you are reading this article and have an inside hookup with any of the principals, please refer this article or pass it on to them.”

“AppleCorp and Apple Computer should work together, if not outright merge into a single company. Together they could finally become media producers for the rest of us. Using Macintosh hardware and iLife software, it has never been easier or less expensive to produce music/audio, video/film, computer generated art, photography, and literature. And the internet could provide the perfect distribution method for placing these new artists and their creative works into the public eye,” Hampton writes.

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  1. Why should the Beatles people cooperate? First the losers can sue Apple because they can’t make a dime to save their lives now, then they can turn around and negotiate.

  2. The guy’s a bit too hippy for the 21st century, but his idea is a noble one.

    I too believe Macca and crew should sit down with Steve and sort this mess out – not necessarily w/o lawyers, but with a goal to making friends and create a symbiotic relationship, rather than the nasty suing which is going on. I reckon they’d stand to make more money working together than fighting. Unless of course, AppleCorps feels they can get billions out of Apple Computer by suing their asses off.

    ps Apple Computer (along with others) already donate equipment for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus:

  3. First lawsuit I get! this one is based on pure greed.
    You have a company that has worked forward for many years in the music industry
    And you have Apple Corps that has only collected Royalties for the past 20 years.

    Was it one of the Beatles that wanted the suit filed or someone on the board at Apple Corps that wanted the money?

    I would love to see how this has tarnished a company (Apple Corps) in any way when they have not been a involved in the music industry in the past 20 years.
    But WAIT alL of a sudden they are going to open a Beatles Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas
    Even the Apple Corps .com web page goes nowhere like this lawsuit

  4. “”Greed is a nasty and insidious thing, and the image of my beloved Beatles, in league with a pack of self-serving, carnivorous attorneys just doesn’t sit well with my philosophy of life”

    FSCK the Beatles. A pack of self-serving, egomaniac musicians are in good company then.

    Apple Computer should countersue for harassment. Three lawsuits over 24 years, on a matter that’s already been settled twice, is beyond asinine. AppleCorp should be laughed right out of the courtroom.

  5. “…change their name to Snapple”

    Woah, watch out. Here comes the Snapple lady with a lawsuit now. Maybe then they can all combine and become the all-inclusive media AND fake juice company for the rest of us. THEN, they could hire a CEO away from Pepsi to run it all. Wonderful! Oh, wait…

  6. jw, Apple did say, “Sosumi.” It’s all their fault. Maybe they should have said, “Sussudio” instead. I bet Phil Collins’ attorneys are much easier to deal with.

  7. I’m inclined to think Apple Corps has a legitimate beef. The issue is whether the average consumer could legitimately confuse one corporation with the other. If both Apple Corps and Apple Computer sell music, you have to think that there’s a possibility a person could mistake one for the other. Clearly, nobody on this forum would make such an error, but there are people out there who know NOTHING of either company and could easily think that the two are somehow related or otherwise the same.

    just my opinion…

  8. I don’t know why everyone blames this on the Beatles. Steve Jobs may be a genius, but as a kid he did a dumbass thing when he named his computer company AFTER ANOTHER COMPANY–and a very famous one at that. Not very visionary thinking. (Apple Corps was still releasing new records in the mid-70s. There were releases by non-Beatles on the label, too.)

    “Three lawsuits over 24 years, on a matter that’s already been settled twice, is beyond asinine.”

    The matter that was settled was that Apple could use the name as long as they didn’t use it in the music business. It’s hard to argue that Apple has not entered the music business.

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