Multibooting Intel-based Macs – a step-by-step how-to guide

“In this guide we’ll take you through installing multiple operating systems on the Intel based Developer Macintosh machine. This guide was put together by Ross Carlson and Joel Wampler to hopefully get you through building a machine that can run every major operating system currently available,” reports. “This guide takes about 2 hours total. Let’s get started…”

The guide contains the following:
– Quick Guide
– Full Guide
– Install OS X
– Install Windows XP
– Install CentOS Linux
– Drivers

Full article here.

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  1. Not very meaningful though it’s a proof of concept. These are the developers Mactel, still using BIOS.

    Final Mactel will use EFI in place of BIOS, the good part is that this way only 64-bit XP will have any chance to be installed on the Mactels since Apple will not forbid that. But this guide line will not work with actual real Mactels.

  2. Apple is not going to sell “a lot” of Mactels to geeks because there just aren’t that many geeks! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    A lot predicted that geeks wouldn’t but PPC Macs after the Intel announcement so Mac sales would plummet. But Apple has already stated publicly that they have seen no drop-off in sales. I bet a few thousand geeks probably DID put off Mac purchases, but they were swamped numerically by average buyers who continue to buy more Macs then ever.
    The final data isn’t in yet, of course, but it looks like geek influence is overrated…

  3. mdn is playing catch up on this article. it’s been posted on macslash for atleast a day. interesting read, i’m totally clueless on what he did, but at least he did it. the author took it down due to fear of violating the nda, a ton of peeps on macslash took him to task over it.

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