Dvorak: Mac OS X is already better than Windows, Vista may be end of line for Microsoft’s dominance

“As readers know, Microsoft has announced the name of its new operating system, which was followed by a collective yawn from the computing community. Vista? As in ‘Hasta la Vista, baby?’ That name might be appropriate as a symbolic goodbye since it might be the end of the line for Microsoft’s dominance in the OS business,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “I’m not saying that Microsoft is doomed as a company, but its reign as the OS dominator may end fast if things go the way I see them headed. The new OS is getting zero buzz. Zero. There has been nothing like this since Windows Me. And now the name Vista,along with the new Microsoft Vista logo, has made it worse. Could anything be less exciting?”

“Vista will open the door to what I believe will be a radical change in the computing landscape. The trends are clear. Once the new Mac OS appears next year it will gravitate toward the existing x86 community much more rapidly than anticipated unless Apple does some incredibly dumb things to stop it. Personally I cannot see what they can do or why they’d want to stop it,” Dvorak writes. “Right now, and as much as x86 users do not want to admit it, the Mac OS is already better than Windows in its modern look and feel as well as its functionality. I see too many smart people with Mac laptops nowadays… [But] is this what we want? How much more of Steve Jobs can we handle? Do we really want to hear him say ‘I told you so?’ If it gets some excitement back into desktop computing, yes, we do. I think we can take it.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Intel-based Macs, 6+ million iPods sold every 90 days, Dell wishes Apple would license him Mac OS X, Dvorak making sense; these are stranges time we live in, strange times indeed.

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  1. Wow, Dvorak coming around is pretty major. As you can tell, he hates Steve Jobs and this new stance is a modicum of crow for him after all his years of death knelling and Apple bashing. I think even he sees the writing on the wall tho and figures if he is gonna switch stances earlier is better than later- to kinda reduce the size of the serving of crow so to speak.

  2. Signs of the end of times! At least for Micro$oft that is! I couldn’t believe my eyes, Dvorak tlaking some sense for a change.

    Really Apple have a golden opportunity to really increase sales and market share. Better OS, better products than anyone else, even Dell wants OS X. Signs of the times!

  3. and i think Apple will blow it by:

    1. refusing to license OS X to the rest of the PC community.

    2. refusing to license Fairplay to other MP3 manufacturer.

    3. Insisting on controlling every freaking aspect of the market and direction.

    talk about a bunch of control, anal retentive freaks.

  4. 1. refusing to license OS X to the rest of PCs

    if Apple goes that way, bye bye Apple hardware. OS X on crappy PCs will suffer from crashes and kernel panics from inadequate hardware. Apple is bound to close doors: makes very little money out of selling the OS X.
    Possible switchers will never switch …. hardware. This is what drives AAPL up and make Apple healthy. Scrap that. Luckily they will never do that.

    2. license Fairplay

    Less dangerous: other players do suffer wrt to the iPod. But what Apple will gain from that? Zilch. iTMS is not bringing money but peanuts. Apple makes money from selling iPods, not tunes.

    3. Controlling every aspect of the market and direction

    ROFLMAO, HUHOHOHOHHUEAOHHAHAHAHAHH. You are talking ’bout Microsoft, right?

  5. My first thought was “Dvorak wrote this!?” Thurrot coming around was a shock in and of itself…but Dvorak? Isn’t this the same guy who said not to buy an iMac G5 if you live in an Earthquake Zone? This is the same guy who’s been sounding the Death Knell song annually, right? Methinks someone in hell is putting a down payment on a snowblower.

  6. [I]…unless Apple does some incredibly dumb things to stop it…[/I].

    Well, of course that’s the real potential “fly in the ointment” – because Apple’s record in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory almost rivals that of Alfa Romeo’s skill in making beautiful cars which either dissolve in light drizzle or, more latterly, are sold and supported by people so graceless that Saddam Hussein could easily have been their role model.

    In my ideal world, Apple is even now talking to those nice people at EMC/VMWare to create an OS X port of VMWare Workstation, whilst simultaneously bring Red Box out of mothballs so that it can be included in 10.5 Leopard.

    Got a completely API-driven Windows app that conforms to publicly available APIs, and it’ll run in Red Box – although without access to any of the things that make OS X great. The last part of this sentence is the key to ensuring the continued development of “insanely great” OS X apps.

    Got a slightly more ropey Windows app string together with sealing wax and string, or reliant on Windows services. use VMWare and a copy of Windows Fistula.

    For 80% of people, the first will be more than acceptable, which is great because it screws Microsoft. And for the other 20%, Apple gets to screw Michael Dell. All of this conforms completely to Larry Ellison rule of engagement which states that it isn’t enough simply for Larry to win, someone else has to suffer terribly in the process.

  7. It’s a good thing i wasnt drinking my morning beverage when I read this or it would have sprang forth from my nose

    Strange times indeed.

    Oh and to the moron who thinks Apple should licenese the OS. You’re an idiot. It’s the tight integration that makes this what it is. They will not throw that away.

    mw ‘these’ as in these are strange times indeed

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