The Motley Fool: Steve Jobs proves to be ‘pure butane for Apple stock’

The Motley Fool’s Rick Aristotle Munarriz looks at a “fantastic four” of stocks and picks Apple Computer, Inc. (APPL) as one of the four (Google, eBay, and Disney round out the quartet). Munarriz writes that Apple may seem like an “odd choice at first glance. If you had bought the stock 10 years ago and unloaded it seven years later, you would have been just about where you started. The shares had a brief flicker of capital appreciation in 1999, as the dot-com mania worked its way to its obviously eruptive conclusion, but that was pretty much it.”

“Things have been very different since 2003. Steve Jobs has been pure butane as his company has come racing back into consumer fancy with his stock ablaze. The iPod has helped lead the way. Last quarter the company moved 6 million iPod listening devices and earlier this week the company announced that it had sold a total of 500 million tracks since launching its digital storefront to support the iPod,” Munarriz writes.

“With the wick burning bright, Apple’s other products, such as its Mac desktops and laptops, have come storming back into the mainstream. Yes, history has shown that Apple has let its light go out in an unguarded moment. The difference this time is that Apple has never been this diversified. That’s how you keep the fire going,” Munarriz writes.

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  1. can i just be a guy that runs one of the most innovative companies on the planet – and leave it at that?

    the press needs to put away the fscking thesaurus – and just report the news.

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