The Wall Street Journal publishes correction for Apple iTunes article

The Wall Street Journal has published a correction to their article regarding Apple’s iTunes:

“Changing a setting in the preferences panel in iTunes jukebox software allows a user to copy music from CDs into various formats, including MP3. An article in Monday’s Journal Report on Technology quoted an iPod music player owner who implied that iTunes jukebox software copies songs only in the Advanced Audio Coding format. Apple Computer Inc.’s paid download service, the iTunes store, sells songs only in AAC.”

Link here.

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  1. Cheers to us…but in fairness we should tip our hats to WSJ for the correction. We flooded their mailbox with criticism…maybe we should thank them for acknowledging an oversight?!

  2. I think that this correction was a given being that reporting false information could get them in bigger trouble then emails from Mac users.
    I respect them more for doing so. Congrats WSJ for repairing your miss information with facts.

  3. I sent the woman who wrote the original article a mail. It turns out that she had written a correction, it just hadn’t run on time.

    “you know, i wrote up a clarification yesterday, and am trying to find
    out why it didn’t run today…. if i had, i could have doubtless avoided
    the hundreds of emails i’m getting from rabid ipod fans!”

    Still, its amusing to think of the response people get when they make errors in print!

    Tim Coughlin

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