The Street’s Wolverton: Apple’s iPod halo shines

“Apple’s halo seemed a little more distinct on Tuesday following two reports that highlighted market-share gains for the company’s computers,” Troy Wolverton writes for “Second-quarter sales of Macintosh computers grew faster than the market according to two separate reports released late Monday. The results, which confirmed comments made by company management last week, marked the third straight quarter of share gains for the company. The gains are further evidence that the so-called halo effect is real, said Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, in a research note on Tuesday.”

“In the second quarter, Apple shipped 658,000 computers in the United States, according to IDC. That amount was up 33% from the same period a year earlier, nearly triple the 11.7% rate at which the overall U.S. PC market grew. For the quarter, Apple’s share stood at 4.5% of the market, up from 3.7% a year earlier and placing it fourth among the top PC makers in the U.S.,” Wolverton reports. “Apple’s share of the U.S. market has grown by about 60% since hitting its recent nadir of about 2.8% in the first quarter of last year. Worldwide, Apple’s shipments grew by 37%, according to IDC. In contrast, the overall PC market grew by 16.6% worldwide… Last week, Apple reported a blowout quarter, thanks in part to strong sales of its Macintosh line.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Glad to have you aboard, Troy! When all else fails, the brilliant shine of the Holy Grail (or is that a Halo?) of market share always proves too powerful a beacon for some to ignore.

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  1. Well, at least in this one small corner, the world is becoming a better place. Even if it is still only by a little bit, it is nice to see things moving in a positive direction.

    It makes you feel good to think about all those new users getting to explore OS X for the first time and finding out that “Yes Virginia, There IS a better way”. I have switched about 8 people so far and they all have thanked me profusely and are really happy to be on Macs now.

    Making the world a better place, one user at a time.

    Jack Arends

  2. one can dream: only a few percent to go to pass up gateway; then a few more to pass dull. maybe even one day billy gates will, once again, have to come to cupertino, hat in hand, to ask for “Jobs”.

  3. I think there is more to the surge in mac sales than just iPod. There is no doubt that the iPod has helped sales, but also the Apple Stores have done a lot to help sell the mac. Even this weekend I was blown away by the number of people in the stores during a traditionally slow retailing period. You would have thought it was Christmas. The cool thing is that it is like that every weekend. I would guess that the Apple Store has higher traffic than most stores in the mall.

  4. I’d give him credit for writing an intelligent article but all he does is quote other sources. He doesn’t editorialize at all on his own. That would mean removing his face away from Bill Gates’ a$$ long enough to think of something that wasnt an Apple bash.

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