Report: Disney considers teaming with Apple to deliver iPod video content

“Steve Jobs has spoken with Disney President and soon-to-be CEO Bob Iger about ways to license various Disney content for a video iPod, according to an internal Disney email I have obtained. That could include anything from clips from ESPN and ABC News to short cartoons,” Business 2.0’s Erick Schonfeld reports in his blog (his source is B2.0 editor-at-large Paul Sloan). “If the past is any measure of what’s to come, Jobs will enter the arena late (as he did with the iPod) only to leapfrog over the competition with some entirely different device. And that could leave everyone from Microsoft’s Bill Gates to Sony’s Howard Stringer once again racing to copy their far smaller rival.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As an added bonus, Disney gets to keep distributing Pixar films, too?

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  1. What they fail to mention is that jobs can use the ‘pixar’ carrot on the disney CEO – ‘Let us use disney material on our vido ipod and we can cut a deal with you and pixar’ – sort of thing.

  2. Petey.. any mention of Jobs and Disney always has that implication.. no one forgets Pixar.

    Interesting that they still think of Sony as bigger than Apple..

    And please tell me where I can find out more about MS’s consumer electronics expertise.. I think that would be.. Windows CE.. and.. yea.. Xbox… got it…thanks

  3. Yes! DVD ripper.
    Why aren’t there any DVD rippers (nice easy GUI ones anyway). DVD’s cost (almost) the same as CD’s, and you can rip CD’s just fine. What’s the deal with DVD’s?

  4. Isn’t Pixar struggling like hell to get OUT of business with Disney? Aren’t they suing each other’s nuts off right now?

    I guess Apple, Inc. is a separate business unit?

  5. Yeah well they are looking for a new distributor, as Disney is not willing to give over a larger percentage of the profits to App– er .. Pixar.

    Now, there are many distribution houses out there that are salivating at the chance to partner with Pixar..

    But remember, just like anything else, it’s about leverage. If Disney can leverage their old content (movies) then maybe that can tip the scales and Pixar will sign with them again for the same profit percentage.

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