Cringely: Apple working on HD movie download service and Video iPod

“What are to we to expect from Apple? Would the company petulantly reject these new dual-core processors for the subsequent generation or two of high-end Macs yet to come before the Intel changeover is complete? That would be crazy. Apple will use the highest-power IBM chips it can get for its top-end Macs right up to the point where it makes the jump to Intel,” Robert X. Cringely writes for PBS. “This simple knowledge changes everything. And it certainly justifies a second look back at the Apple/Intel announcement and what the heck is really going on.”

“For all Steve had to say about IBM’s supposedly puny processor roadmap, he had to have known these dual-core chips were coming. But since they weren’t mentioned at that time in the official IBM roadmap, he didn’t have to refer to them. This says a lot about the timing of the announcement. I wondered why Apple was pre-announcing the processor jump by a year or more? The timing was unknowingly set by IBM. To have the greatest impact, Apple had to make the announcement before IBM revealed the new dual-core chips so the pundits would buy the move as logical, so that the announcement would help Intel and hurt IBM the most,” Cringely writes. “Why would Apple want to hurt IBM? Apple wouldn’t, but Intel WOULD. That had to have been part of the deal with Intel, to kick IBM in the corporate groin, and Jobs certainly did so. Now what’s in it for Steve? This is not solely about the price of chips.”

“The whole Apple/Intel deal gets curiouser and curiouser. I wonder if Apple even intends to go forward with the changeover? My guess is they will, but only if Intel complies fully with more unannounced terms of the deal. As I have written in previous columns, Apple is working on its own movie download service (HD movies at that!), and I believe that service and ClickStar are one in the same,” Cringely writes. “Good pricing is not enough reward for Steve Jobs kicking IBM in the corporate groin at the behest of Intel. Let’s guess, then, that not only will ClickStar morph into ITMS, but that Intel’s ‘digital home entertainment devices’ will be ITMS-compliant. No Microsoft, no Real, just H.264, FairPlay, and something behind Door Number Three… Get ready for the Video iPod, which will presumably be available from more than just Apple. HP is already on board and these clues suggest Intel is likely there, too.”

Full article, with much more, here.

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  1. I must agree with Cringely that Apple must have something juicy comming up, especially for HP to expand it’s humiliating HP iPod by Apple line.

    That is a slap in the face for HP. HP must either had stupid negeotiators or they saw something that Apple is comming out with which they want a piece of.

  2. ” I wondered why Apple was pre-announcing the processor jump by a year or more?’

    Hammer take: Perhaps to give developers some lead time to transitioning their apps you idiot

    “That had to have been part of the deal with Intel, to kick IBM in the corporate groin, and Jobs certainly did so”

    Hammer take: By all accounts IBM doesnt give a crap that Apple switched. It seemingly has no effect on IBM’s future plans. No one got kicked in the groin as you put it.

  3. I always enjoy reading Cringely’s predictions… However, I must say that this one seems a bit too “imaginative” in some areas.. iPod Video with retinal scans? I don’t know about that one!

  4. “When Cringely talks, we listen”. That’s what MDN has said, anyway. Good plan. I been claimin’ in here that IBM wasn’t going anywhere either. Not that I’m any Robert Cringely. Just sayin’ …. heh ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Wild? No doubt. Off the top? Probably. However, Cringely makes some interesting guesses on the always entertaining story about what is going on in the non-smoke-filled rooms at One Infinity Loop.

    I like Cringely’s take much better than the one at Ars Technica (namely, Apple switched to get a good deal on Intel wireless chips for mobile devices, the Mac is soooo last year, and the devices — like iPod — are the future). The points that impress me is that Apple had to know about IBM’s newly announced chips and that one year is an awfully long time to create universal binaries (with a chance of slowing Mac sales badly).

    Jobs has moved the date of the developers’ conference in the past for an announcement. Didn’t he do that for the new G5 PowerMacs? (I can’t recall — too many dead brain cells from celebrating a record quarter.) Also, Tiger has been one of the worse OS releases for bugs and unfinished pieces (like Dashboard). My personal theory was that Apple put out Tiger before its time to get the product out before the Intel announcement. But the Intel announcement could have been delayed a couple of months by pushing off the developers’ conference. Now Cringely gives us a plausible reason why the developers’ conference was held on time.

    Don’t you love it when a plot comes together?

  6. Al: That is a slap in the face for HP.

    All, HP does have the franchise for iPods at Wal Mart, and the iPod Shuffle from HP was recently announced.

    And yes, HP remembers when Steve showed Carly the DRM golden path.

  7. i was with him all the way up to the “retinal scan” part.

    Man, sometimes, he’s so close, and then veers off.

    “As Seen On TV”.

  8. uh.. HP is on board?? okay.. this is the first I’ve heard of HP being on board BEFORE SOMETHING IS RELEASED..

    it took them like 6 months to decide the iPod mini was a ‘good seller’

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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